EXCLUSIVE: Transgender Model Has an Emotional Meeting With Her Absentee Father on Oxygen's 'Strut'

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Things are getting real on Oxygen's Strut.

While the Whoopi Goldberg-produced series centering on transgender models has its fair share of drama, Tuesday's episode is on a whole other level.

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ET has an exclusive sneak peek from this week's episode, in which Ren sees her absentee father, Ron, for the first time since her transition.

"I feel like I'm not really ready," she says to the camera before meeting up with her father at a photo shoot. "Letting him in to my full life, the worst case scenario would be he would feel probably disappointed, like he didn't do a good job as a parent."

Needless to say, the meeting isn't exactly smooth sailing.

"Hey, they got me a little dressed up for this. I hardly even recognized you. You can probably say the same," says Ren, who transitioned after she moved out of her parents' house.

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"What's going on?" asks Ron, clearly on edge about the meeting. 

"Not much. How have you been?" Ren replies.

The two engage in stilted small talk for the next several minutes, while Ron has trouble adjusting to his daughter's new look.

"I feel stupid. It's embarrassing and awkward," Ren says to the camera, reflecting on their tense meeting. "This isn't what I normally do in my free time, or how I normally ever look in my free time. This is what my career is."

It's when Ren's fellow models start asking Ron how he feels seeing his daughter that things take a heartbreaking turn.

Watch the rest of the clip to find out what happens.

airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen.

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