Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon Act Out Hilarious, Heartwarming Scenes From 'The Accountant' (as Written by Kids)


Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon performed a brand new installment of "Kid Theater" on Thursday's Tonight Show, and it might have been the most endearing yet!

Reading from scripts written by young children, based solely on the title of Affleck's new film, The Accountant, it became very clear very quickly that Affleck's deep voice can lend an air of gravitas to any dialogue (and also, children really don't have a firm grasp on what accountants are).

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From a short scene featuring Affleck and Fallon as children who want to be both astronauts and accountants when they grow up -- and then end up becoming both and meeting on the moon decades later -- to a story of a father working on "the stock market" who doesn't have time to play any sport with his little boy, this "Kid Theater" actually had a lot of heart.

The highlight of the cute sketch -- aside from Affleck and Fallon hugging for a really, really long time -- came in the final scene when they recited the ironclad "accountant's oath" and revealed their secret handshake.

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While Affleck's The Accountant doesn't have nearly as much hugging or moon-walking, it does have a surprising amount of gunplay and murder for a movie titled The Accountant. Check out the video below for a look at the Oscar winner's gritty new thriller, which hits theaters Oct. 14.