EXCLUSIVE: CBS Sports Reporter Tracy Wolfson on Juggling Her Life at Home and on the Field

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ET found out the one thing CBS Sports reporter Tracy Wolfson does on game days that makes her a hero to her three boys.

While working the sidelines for NFL games on Thursdays and Sundays, Wolfson is able to share the excitement of her job by Facetiming with her sons from the 50-yard line, making her the coolest mom ever.


"I'm at the stadium," Wolfson announced to her kids from Levi's Stadium in San Francisco before the 49ers took on the Arizona Cardinals on Oct. 6.

It's during these hours before the game that Wolfson gets the antsiest.

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"I always get a little anxiety," she tells ET. "It's always the pre-game waiting to get on the air and waiting to kick off. Once you kick off, I have no nerves."

With more than a decade under her belt as one of the industry's top sideline reporters, Wolfson has her routine down to a science when it comes to game preparation, which includes Sunday and Thursday games.

"It's four teams you have to prepare for," Wolfson explains. "You get three days for the Thursday and another few days for the Sunday game, so as soon as those games are over I am reading articles, downloading stories. I'm putting stuff on my phone and my computer and going back and watching all the games that were just played."

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All that studying comes in handy, because once the cameras start rolling, Wolfson is on the air without a safety net.

"The only thing that's really scripted is our open," Wolfson reveals. "I just want to know what I'm doing in the pre-game show and in the open, and the rest really comes from down on the field. I listen to what [commentators] Jim [Nantz] and Phil [Simms] say in my ear and then I react off of them."

As much as she loves her job, Wolfson admits that all the time away from her husband David and their kids can take its toll at times.

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"That's the biggest challenge. It's really hard as a mom to be away from them," Wolfson says. "I also think it's really good for them. It's good for them to see a working woman. To see the passion I have for this."


Wolfson takes advantage of her vacation time during the off-season, using it to make up for all the days her job takes her on the road.

"I spend a lot of family time, catch up with my kids, with my husband and go on date night get to do those things that I didn't get to do week after week," says Wolfson.

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