Rob Kardashian Says He's Finally Ready for Therapy, Wants to Be Part of His Family Again

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Rob Kardashian wants to reconnect with his family.

In a new clip from this Sunday's episode of Rob & Chyna, the 29-year-old reality star reveals that he's ready to start therapy to save his relationship with Blac Chyna, and even offers to plan a family dinner to get close to his sisters again.

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"I think, you know, seeing somebody, like, to talk to or whatever, I mean, it's not going to hurt to just try it out, you know?" Rob tells Chyna as they address their relationship.

"I personally don't really agree with the whole thing, but I'm more than willing to try it out and do that if it's going to benefit you and I," he says, before revealing it was actually Scott Disick who suggested he see a therapist.

"I mean, I know how against it you [were], and, like, opening up to a stranger probably will make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, but I'm glad that you are willing to do something to save our relationship or make me feel comfortable," Chyna replies, clearly happy that Rob is ready to start working through his issues.

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Rob isn't just trying to repair his relationship with Chyna. He's also ready to reconnect with his family, sitting down with his mother, Kris Jenner, as he tries to plan a family meal.

"Family is important, you know, just like we're all obviously not always going to be here for who knows how much longer. So I was just thinking we should definitely get like a little family dinner here, because I feel like we haven't… I haven't attended one of those in like years," he confesses.

"But I just think it's important that we all get together," he adds. "I can text and make phone calls with my sisters, but it's just different when we actually have conversations in person."

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Rob definitely seems to have had a change of heart since last week's episode of Rob & Chyna, in which he disappeared after lashing out at Chyna for not "supporting" him.

"There's definitely a lot of frustration between Chyna and I," he said in an on-camera interview before deleting his social media posts and blocking his fiancée's phone number. "It's pretty clear that Chyna doesn't support me."

See more in the video below.

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