EXCLUSIVE: 'No Tomorrow' Pulls Off the Sweetest Birthday Surprise in This Sneak Peek!

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No Tomorrow
may have pulled off one of the most romantic gestures ever!

On Tuesday’s brand new episode, Xavier (Joshua Sasse), aka “Xavier with an X,” presents Evie (Tori Anderson) with an epic birthday surprise: a cake for every birthday to come, and ET has the exclusive sneak peek at the extraordinarily sweet moment.

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Of course, there’s an apocalyptic-sized twist.

“Ladies and gentlemen, because our lovely Evie is so special to us, I decided why celebrate only one birthday when we should celebrate all of them!” Xavier declares, as he presents Evie with his unusual gift (spoiler: goggles!), in front of her family and friends.

“You’re going to need them,” he tells Evie as he’s pummeled in the face with one of the decadent cakes. “Food fight!”

But… the cakes!

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“To Evie,” Xavier begins his toast after the massive cake fight. Then, things get weird when the apocalypse truther -- who believes the world will end in a little over eight months -- reveals his true colors.

“I truly hope that this, your final birthday -- before Asteroid 2000OEX354 collides with Earth and wipes out every last living thing on it -- was the best one ever,” the charming Brit toasts to stunned silence.


Recently, Sasse sat down with ET in Beverly Hills, California, to explain why Xavier staunchly believes the world is coming to an end.

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“For him, it’s an empirical truth and that makes a big difference,” the 28-year-old actor said of Xavier’s doomsday outlook. “And it’s how everyone else is going to approach that, whether they do believe it or don’t. That might be just about to happen. We just don’t know. That’s a lovely question to pose and it brings out a certain thing in people.”

The former Galavant star was eager to play a character that serves as a catalyst for change in Evie’s life and those around her, through his fearless attitude on life and the creation of the “apocalist,” a bucket list of everything you want to do before the end of the world.

“He’s got nothing but good intentions. He just wants to bring out the best in people. He wants them to bring out the best in their day,” Sasse said. “It’s non-stop energy. He’s got past the point where he gets sad about things and he just has no time for that at all. That’s something I’ve tried to work on and experiment with because we do waste too much of our time being miserable. He’s full of light and love and joy and positivity and it’s great.”

No Tomorrow
airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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