Jesse Williams and Ellen DeGeneres Argue Over Who's Better Friends With Justin Timberlake

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Jessie Williams and Ellen DeGeneres are both good friends with Justin Timberlake, and on Tuesday's Ellen, the two got into a friendly, passive-aggressive debate over who was better friends with the GRAMMY-winning singer.

After praising Williams for his powerful BET Awards speech about race equality, DeGeneres marveled at how well-received the Grey's Anatomy star's evocative call to action was, even overshadowing the awards show's many impressive musical performances.

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"I know my friend Justin Timberlake tweeted about it," DeGeneres said.

"Yeah, yeah, he's my friend too," Williams offered, innocently enough. After getting ribbed a bit by DeGeneres, Williams added, "It wasn't a battle, I was just sharing."

However, DeGeneres couldn't let it go. "Yeah, okay, but I'm closer than him," she said, nearly under her breath. "I mean, when's the last time he texted you?"

"About three days ago," Williams said, confidently.

"Yeah? Mine was yesterday," DeGeneres replied, with a polite smile. "Have you seen his [Netflix documentary Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids] yet?"

"Yeah, he sent me an early private link," Williams said, shrugging. "I got it this morning. But it was because he changed the password to 'I love you Jess,' so I thought that was cool."

"Yeah, no, I got it a long time ago," DeGeneres shot back, before quickly moving the interview along.

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It's cute to see just how much the two stars love (and want to be loved by) the celebrated singer.

As for Timberlake, it's clear he does indeed hold a place in his heart for the beloved talk show host. Back in May, he even premiered his recent up-beat single "Can't Stop the Feeling" on Ellen, while he was in France for the Cannes Film Festival.

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However, no matter how close Williams and DeGeneres are to Timberlake, neither of them hold a candle to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, whose bromance with the "Suit & Tie" singer is flat-out legendary. Check out the video below for a look at a short film the pair made about their epic friendship.