Alec Baldwin Skewers Donald Trump's Third Debate Performance, Pokes Fun at Brother Stephen on 'SNL'


In Saturday Night Live's coverage of the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Alec Baldwin proved that nothing he does with his Trump impression could be more outlandish than how the businesses mogul actually performed during the showdowns.

Baldwin's Trump faced off against Kate McKinnon's spot-on Clinton, and the two immediately set to ripping the contentious debate apart, teasing Trump for his ignorance of world politics and his temperament, while mocking Clinton for her evasive answers.

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"Tonight, I'm going to start this debate in the quietest voice possible," Trump began, addressing host Tom Hanks, who played debate moderator Chris Wallace. "In the past, I have been big and loud. But tonight, I am sweet little baby Trump."

"That's good to hear," Wallace said. "Our first question is for you, and it's about reproductive right."

"They're ripping babies out of vaginas!" Trump screamed in response.

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Clinton responded to Trump's stance on Roe v. Wade with the one thing Clinton's supports wished she'd actually said during the real-life debates.

"Listen, Chris. I'm glad you raised this topic because what two better people are there to talk about women's issues?" Clinton replied. "Me, a woman who has had a child and has taken birth control. And him, a man who is a child and whose face is birth control."

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Baldwin even mocked his own real-life feud with his brother, Stephen Baldwin, explaining which stars have shown support for the Republican candidate.

"She can brag about her resume, but I'm the one who's got all the heavy hitters supporting me," Baldwin as Trump argued. "I mean, I have got the cream of the crop: I've got Sarah Palin. I've got Chachi. Get this, I've even got the best Baldwin brother, Stephen Baldwin."

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The cold open went on to address Trump's refusal to commit to accepting the results of the election, no matter who wins, and his claims that the process is "rigged."

"Frankly, this whole thing is rigged. Even the media," Trump yelled. "Every day I turn on the news, and all of the newscasters are making me look so bad."

"And how are we doing that?" Wallace asked.

"By taking all of the things I say and all of the things I do and putting them on TV," Trump shot back.

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Finally, Clinton got a chance to deliver the last, best line of the debate with her closing statement. "Listen, America. Donald Trump cannot be president," she declared. "He would be a disaster. A failure. A complete 'F.' And America, you deserve better than an 'F.' So, on Nov. 8, vote for me, and I promise I will be a stone-cold 'B.'"

For a look at Baldwin's roast of Trump's performance in the second presidential debates, check out the video below.