EXCLUSIVE: 'Treasure Quest: Snake Island' Features Stuntwoman Diving Into Dangerous Piranha Waters

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Stuntwoman Mehgan Heaney-Grier has no qualms about diving into danger.

ET exclusively premieres a first look from the return of Discovery Channel’s Treasure Quest: Snake Island, which follows Heaney-Grier as she embarks on her mission to find a historic artifact as the hunt for the legendary Treasure of the Trinity continues.

In the clip, the adventurer gets ready to dive into the dangerous (and murky) waters of a South American bay, known for vicious piranha attacks. So powerful and ruthless are these animals that they can rip the flesh off a cow in a matter of minutes.

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It’s also the same waters Heaney-Grier will be headed straight into, and as she and her partner go deeper into the bowels of the unknown, she is unexpectedly met by a flurry of action. “Did you see that?!” Heaney-Grier says into the team above water.

Is it a piranha waiting to annihilate her flesh? Watch the video above to see what happens next!

Treasure Quest: Snake Island
returns Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.