EXCLUSIVE: Heather and Terry Dubrow Admit It Will Be 'Hard to Recover' From 'Real Housewives of OC' Reunion

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The Real Housewives of Orange County
might have wrapped up another tumultuous season, but the drama isn’t over quite yet.

“We have three reunion episodes coming up and they're certainly not going to disappoint,” Heather Dubrow teases ET. “For me, it's always about the reunion … You can make amends to people, you can really repair relationships, or maybe, you think you're empirically right, and you don't think you need to do those things, and it's very interesting this reunion to see who does what.”

From the looks of the teaser trailer Bravo dropped last week, the reunion will see Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge and Heather battle with Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd over the events of the season, which included accusations that Shannon is a victim of spousal abuse, and that Tamra is a neglectful mother.

The season, of course, ended with both Tamra and Shannon saying they were done trying to be friends with Vicki.

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“I think the big question mark is, are some of these relationships irreparable?” Heather's husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, asks. “Are some of them not fixable? That is the new, unique thing, I think, of this season. There may be fractions, fractionations done that can never be repaired.”

“Yeah, I agree with that,” Heather says. “Time definitely heals some wounds, but this season in particular, especially in the third episode of the reunion, there are accusations, and rumors, and really just some horrible things thrown around that I just don't think some people are going to recover from.”

“I don't think anything is resolved by the end of it,” she admits. “It's very, it's interesting. It's sad. I think viewers will be emotional.”

“I think it's shocking!” Terry adds. “I think the way it ends is shocking. The third episode of the reunion is going to be shocking to a lot of people.”

“I think a lot of things that happen at the reunion clear the air, and then there's a couple of things, one in particular, that just goes to the next level,” Heather confesses. “I just don't know how there's coming back from it.”

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“There's sort of this unwritten rule on the Housewives, where certain things are off-limits,” Terry continues. “I think those rules have been broken and shattered in this reunion.”

“We all have regrettable moments,” Heather notes. “How you make amends, have accountability for your actions and move on from there, that's what shows what kind of character you have.”

At one point in the preview, Vicki shouts, “You don’t like me? Goodbye, Felicia! Get off my show.”

“She says that every year,” Heather reveals “I'm just surprised they showed it this year!” 

For now, the couple is focused on their latest joint project, the Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig show for PodcastOne. ET caught up with the Dubrows after taping an episode in Beverly Hills.

“People are always asking us, what works? What doesn't work?” Terry shares. “So, they're always asking for our advice -- what's new, what's hot -- so we thought we'd do a podcast and tell everyone.”

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“We're getting calls from all over the world!” Heather gushes. “We're expanding from health, wellness and beauty, to diet and exercise and all kinds of lifestyle issues.”

The podcast is an offshoot of the couple’s bestselling book, Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig Present: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to the Best Anti-Aging Treatments.

"This is an industry that's constantly evolving, and basically, our podcast is the epilogue [to the book]," Heather says.

New episodes of Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig premiere Tuesdays on PodcastOne, while The Real Housewives of Orange County’s three-part reunion will play out over the next few Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

ET was also exclusively behind the scenes of Heather and Terry’s photo shoot for their book. Check out the video below to learn more.