EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Spill on Robin Hood's Return, Captain Swan's Domestic Bliss, Proposal Pla


Let's just cut to the chase: You have questions and we have answers.

ET recently called up Once Upon a Time's most magical duo -- showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis -- to get the exclusive details on what's next for all of Storybrooke's leading ladies and their respective fellas. We then took to Twitter to gather up all the fandom's most burning questions, and now we're bringing you a scoop-packed Q&A just in time for Sunday's all-new episode!

Read on for answers about Emma and Killian's domestic bliss, Robin Hood's mysterious return, Snow and Charming's "true love" test, and if we'll be hearing wedding bells in Storybrooke anytime soon…

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@LizaLaRumbelle: Anything to look forward for Rumbelle? Their story is so painful so far.

Agreed, it really has been, but we might finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. "I would say that [Belle] and Rumple have had a really, really, really difficult path," Kitsis said. "And what I can tell you is, deep down, Rumple loves her. It's just very messy, it's very confusing, but hopefully it will be fun to watch. And they're going to have a baby and that puts everything into perspective."

Horowitz added sweetly, "They have a deep connection and a deep love between them, so yeah, it's constantly tested, but at the core of it, there is love."

‏@daniqueen1: Will Regina finally do more heroic stuff for the rest of OUAT season six, like stop her evil-self and live to tell the tale?

Take it away, Kitsis! "We are going to continue to see the heroism of Regina, and she will be tested like never before," he said.

@Cat_Gray14: Are Hook & Emma ever going to get to have a talk about her vision/death in connection with their relationship?

We’re happy to report that despite some deceptive behavior, the OUAT showrunners said that Emma and Killian are in a "good place" in their relationship right now. "When Emma didn't want to tell Killian she was dying because she had to process it and she reverted back, and when Killian took the sheers because he didn't want the person he loves to die -- these secrets they are keeping from each other are out of love. They're not out of malice. And it's much easier to forgive someone who just doesn’t want you to die."

@celianomas: Will we see Zelena really regretting how she wronged her sister? And asking for forgiveness?

We're not so sure about that one! As Kitsis likes to say, Zelena is "very consistently wicked" in her choices on the series. "Zelena is torn between two sisters right now and I think the problem for Zelena is she always makes bad choices and that probably is not going to stop," he said.

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‏‏@LovingOnceUpon: Is "the year of Snowing still on"?

Heck yes it is, and it's about time! "I can tell you that we're definitely going to see more Snow and Charming," Kitsis confirmed. "And I can tell you that they are always going to be fighting for their happiness. I think that we're going to see them severely tested by the Evil Queen, but I always believe in the power of them finding each other. They are true love." (Who else is saying, "Awwwww!"?)

@jenmorrisun: When will Emma catch a break and be happy?

Actually, we've been wanting to know when this will happen to ALL of our Storybrooke favorites, so we asked the showrunners to explain why we can’t just have a whole season of happy moments. "All these characters are tested because this is a show about hope and you can't have hope if everything goes well," Kitsis explained. "If everything goes well, you don’t need to have hope. You just need to be happy. So for us, this is a show about how do you find happiness when life throws curveballs at you."

Kitsis continued, "The fans have to understand that even though we are doing heightened things like spells, and monsters and curses, it's no different than everyday. Everyday you wake up and you don’t know what kind of day you're going to face, or what month you're going to have, and you can look at challenges one of two ways: I'm going to embrace it and figure out a way to conquer it, or I'm going to crumble and fall. So each character will continue to be tested, but it is a show about hope, and if we believe and we have hope, maybe we'll have nice things in the end."

@faithfearcolide: Now that Snow has Regina by her side, will that change how they will be dealing with the threat of the Evil Queen?

Despite the fact that Snow and Regina have moved past their differences, that does not mean that the Evil Queen is going to take it easy on her former stepdaughter. Kitsis furthered, "Listen, when Regina split herself and the evil came out, that evil has always wanted one thing: Snow's heart. And she's going to go after it no matter what." Yikes!

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@jenmorrisonhot8: Do you think Emma and Hook will have domestic moments [in] this season?

Goodness gracious, it's like we're completely in sync because we asked the very same question! With Emma and Killian officially living together, we asked the EPs if we can expect to see them sharing any moments of domestic bliss together and we're very happy with the response. "I believe there are a few of them here and there," Kitsis said coyly. "Definitely we're going to see some." We're keeping our fingers crossed for something sweet and simple like making lunch together. Grilled cheese, anyone?

@kms914: Any insight in to what the Robin Hood story might be?

"I can tease that it will be sometime this season," Kitsis said. "I will say it's complicated. Fans will have to see what we are doing because it is not the Robin they know. Robin is not coming back from death. This is an entirely new idea. It's multiple episodes and it's an arc, but it's not permanent."

OK, who else is confused and oddly intrigued? Luckily for us, Horowitz had the answer to that follow-up: "We're glad you're confused and intrigued because we're not resurrecting him, we're not telling a flashback story," he said. "It’s a whole new thing and we don’t want to tease it too much more than that." Any guesses, Oncers?

@CaptainSwan861: Is there going to be a marriage proposal this season?

We're happy to say that we have the happily vague answer to this question: "It has been a long time [since we had a proposal on the show] You never know," Kitsis teased. "I'd keep watching his season. You never know. As you said, it’s been a long time, so who knows when we'll play that song again." Does anyone else hear wedding bells?

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