'Stranger Things': 7 Things We Learned From the Season 2 Table Read

Eleven is back, Steve's hair still rocks and much, much more!

Stranger Things
fans can now rest easy -- the '80s-inspired phenomenon is back in full swing!

The official Twitter account for the hit Netflix series announced the exciting news via Twitter on Friday, sharing a photo of the cast reunited for their first table read for season two. Naturally, the black-and-white pic and caption were posted upside down.

"Back in production see you next year #strangerthings," the tweet read.

Fans were quick to comment, writing things like, "YAAAASSSS," I NEED IT NOW!!!" and "I'M ACTUALLY SCREAMING I'M NOT JOKING." Now, ET's breaking down seven things we learned about season two from the telling snap!


1. No one will be screaming, "Will! Where's Will?"

At the end of season one, fans were relieved to find out Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) survived the Upside Down dimension. He's now back with his family and friends, and judging by that smile on Schnapp's face, you better believe he's very happy about it!

2. Eleven is here to stay!

C'mon, did anyone really think The Duffer Brothers would do that to us? That'd just be cruel! But not as cruel as what they did to Barb… (Speaking of which, will she finally get justice?)

Although it wasn't a question whether Will would be making a return, fans were unsure of Eleven's fate. Millie Bobby Brown, the 12-year-old actress who portrays the telekinetic character, has kept quiet about her role since the show wrapped, so we were ecstatic to learn she'll officially be back onscreen, nosebleeds, Eggos and all!

3. Steve Harrington's hair hasn't lost its touch.

Lookin' good, Joe Keery! Even though there were 10 people sitting at the table, it was hard not to notice the actor's glorious head of hair, which was styled exactly how he wears it on the show.

When ET caught up with Keery in August, he revealed he doesn't use any styling products in real life, but on set, it's a different story. "I had the Steve sort-of hairdo before I did [Stranger Things]," he dished. "People have always been like, 'You've got a wild head of hair!'"

"We got [styling it on set] down to I think 30 minutes actually, towards the end," he added. "It was good. It was a lot of shampoo, and then we would blow dry it out and then hairspray it back and then they had to get the little curl going. It took kind of a while."

4. …but Nancy Wheeler may have gotten a makeover?

Natalia Dyer, focusing hard on her script, was sporting noticeably shorter hair for the table read. Whether she'll be donning that 'do onscreen, however, is still a mystery, but we think it's safe to say Barb (Shannon Purser) would approve of this look if she were present.

We can just picture her saying, "Is that a new 'do?"


5. Fans will be introduced to a few new characters.

Sitting on the ends of the table, two new faces: Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery. When the Duffer Brothers confirmed there would be a second season back in August, they promised fans four new characters and nine episodes. "There's going to be a lot of new and interesting dynamics that we didn't see in season one," they said at the time.

And while there's not too much info about their characters just yet, we do know that Sink will portray Max, and Montgomery will take on the role of her stepbrother, Billy. Seeing as the first episode is titled "Madmax," we're guessing these two will become fast favorites this season!

6. Stranger Things will flash forward one year in time.

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer confirmed to IGN that the series will take place in 1984. One of the reasons behind that decision is partly due to 14-year-old Gaten Matarazzo's drastic voice drop.

"His voice has already dropped quite a bit, to the point where we couldn't even do ADR with him," Matt said of Matarazzo, who portrays the beloved pudding-obsessed Dustin on the show. "We had to pitch it way up. It's dropped. He's grown."

"As much as I would love to have it be Christmas right after that, it's just not feasible, so we're going to skip a year," he continued. "They'll be a year older and all their changes they're going through, we'll take that into account and kind of work that into the show."

7. Jonathan Byers may still have a chance with Nancy.

#TeamJonathan and #TeamSteve is very much still a thing among fans via social media. Will Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Nancy develop a romantic relationship, or will she stay with "idiot" Steve in the long run?

Guess we'll have to wait and see, but for now, watch the video below to hear more of what's in store for season two.