EXCLUSIVE: Grannies Compete for $10K and Bragging Rights in the Kitchen on 'Clash of the Grandmas'

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The stereotype of the sweet old grandmother is getting turned on its head for the Food Network's Clash of the Grandmas, hosted by ET's very own Cameron Mathison.

"It's like your grandma out there, trying to take down the other grandma," Mathison says. "It's hysterical!"

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Mathison hosts the show in which four grandmas go toe to toe in the kitchen for culinary supremacy. Judges Nancy Fuller, Monti Carlo and Food Network Star winner Eddie Jackson determine which granny's cuisine is worthy of the $10,000 prize.

"There's always a time limit, so everybody is fighting the clock, always," Mathison explains behind the scenes on the set. "They're flying around the kitchen at speeds I would've never imagined. I've had a push-up competition with one grandma. I've ballroom danced with another one. I've had one singing opera. The whole thing is outrageous and so much fun."

In keeping with the grandma theme, most of the meals prepared on the show are comfort foods, but Mathison says the competitions always come with a twist.

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"We'll say, 'You've got to cook something with a clothes iron,' or 'You've got to make pizza with a waffle iron,'" he says. "We give them these little challenges that grandmas, who have been doing something the same way their whole life in the kitchen, sometimes get thrown for a loop, but it's so fun to see. And, I got to tell you, they're blowing me away with how well they handle the pressure. I'm more stressed, I think, sometimes than they are. They do a great job."

One of the show's first contestants is T-Pain's mom, Aliyah Najm. She's competing for her grandchildren who are "looking for a vacation" as well as her non-profit organization for caregivers, Caregivers911, and she shared with ET what was the most challenging aspect of the show for her.

"Just remembering how to cook," she says with a giggle. "That's the toughest part."

The new Food Network show debuts with a Thanksgiving throwdown on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.