Kristen Wiig and 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Pull Off Amazing Mannequin Challenge Inside Studio 8H


Kristen Wiig is hosting Saturday Night Livethis weekend, and for the episode's official promo, the entire SNL cast and crew got together to raise the bar on the newest viral craze, the Mannequin Challenge.

As a camera tracks around Studio 8H in what is supposed to be the middle of a live episode, we get to see most of the show's biggest stars, many of whom are decked out as some of their most popular characters.

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From Bobby Moynihan and Mikey Day as the dancing skeletons from Tom Hanks' beloved David S. Pumpkins sketch to Kate McKinnon as the gruff-talking alien abductee, this short challenge is filled with Easter eggs to warm any SNL fan's heart.

Moving through the crowded studio -- past Aidy Bryant mid-gum pop and Pete Davidson almost falling back in a chair – the camera finally arrives in front of Wiig, flanked by the cast, who breaks the illusion to point at the on-screen text announcing her as the upcoming host.

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Leave it to Leslie Jones to come in and ask the important questions. Namely, "Why y'all still still like this?"

In the epic tracking shot, Jones is seen taking a selfie on her phone which she actually shared to Twitter, along with a link to the promo.

"This week is bout to be sooooooo fun!!" Jones tweeted.

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Wiig and the SNL cast are the latest in a long line of stars embracing the Mannequin Challenge. Last week the cast of Hairspray Live! pulled off an amazing take on the viral video phenomenon, while Adele went western for her Mannequin Challenge. Check out the "Hello" singer's awesome attempt in the video below.

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