EXCLUSIVE: 'Too Close to Home': 'The Worst Is Yet to Come' as Heather Locklear Takes Alabama in Season 2 Promo

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Brace yourselves -- season two of Too Close to Home is almost here!

TLC's delightfully soapy drama returns in January, and only ET has the first look at the series' sophomore season.

WATCH: Tyler Perry's 'Too Close to Home' Brings Heather Locklear Back to TV in Guest-Starring Role

Cop cars, pregnancy tests, and mama on a bed… what more could you want?

Oh, besides Brody's (Brock O'Hurn) silky smooth locks blowing in the wind and the return of Heather Locklear?

That's right, Locklear reprises her role as the nation's fierce first lady, who forced Anna (Danielle Savre) -- and her problems -- back to good ol' Happy, Alabama.

"Forgive us for our sins. Coveting someone else's man, harboring criminals… My family has too many secrets," Bonnie (Kelly Sullivan) says in the drama-filled promo. "Mama has too many enemies. Our neighbors… too many sins."

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"Forgive us," Bonnie says as she, Anna, and Shelby (Brooke Anne Smith) approach an intimidating set of headlights, "because I'm scared the worst is yet to come."

"Miss me?" Locklear's Katelynn teases as she steps into view.

See Locklear's icy return in the promo above.

The October finale of Too Close to Home saw Anna's return to the small town life she left behind after being caught in the middle of a presidential sex scandal. While Anna managed to escape the Washington limelight, it seems even Happy, Alabama has its fair share of turmoil. As if there wasn't enough drama already, season two promises yet another love triangle, another family's dirty deeds, and a new Washington scandal.

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Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home returns with eight new episodes, starting Wednesday, Jan. 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Get caught up on all the drama -- and O'Hurn's amazing abs -- in the video below.