EXCLUSIVE: Is a 'Quantico' Engagement Coming? Watch This Surprise Proposal From the Winter Finale!

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Are wedding bells in store for a Quantico couple?

ET has the exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s winter finale of the ABC conspiracy thriller, titled “Odenvy,” where Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) and Alex (Priyanka Chopra) meet up at what used to be their safe haven for a tense conversation amid professional and personal turmoil.

“I asked you here because I didn’t know where else to talk, because I thought this was supposed to be a safe place -- for us, not just for the mission,” Ryan tells Alex, bothered by how much of a toll the secret-keeping has taken on their relationship.

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“How are we supposed to get through this?” Alex asks. “We’re already keeping so much from each other, and I don’t like secrets. I like answers.”

It’s a precarious situation for the couple and they know it, with Ryan admitting that he sometimes won’t be able to provide said answers.

The conversation takes a dramatic turn when Ryan bends down on one knee and drops a surprise(!!) proposal, asking Alex, “Marry me?”

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“What we have is never going to be easy, but to have a real chance we have to build something together, something that’s so strong that it can’t be burned down so that even when we want to cut ties, we can’t,” Ryan proposes, even promising that he’ll leave his government posts at the drop of a hat. “I’ll never let anything come between us.”

“Even if I have to lie for a living, I need to know that I can come home to the truth -- and that truth is you,” he says. Quite the romantic gesture, sir.

Will Alex say yes? We’ll have to wait and find out!

airs its winter finale Sunday at 10 p.m. EST/PST on ABC.

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