EXCLUSIVE: 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Katie, Stassi and Kristen Invent the Ultimate Drinking Game for the Show!

Plus, the ladies pick their most embarrassing on-screen moments!

It’s no secret the cast of Vanderpump Rules likes to indulge in a drink or two… or seven. Well, now they want you to join them! You know, if you’re legally able to and want to. (No pressure).

When ET sat down with Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute at SUR Lounge, we had them come up with the ultimate drinking game for the Bravo series. Here’s what they invented:

1. Drink every time James Kennedy and Lala Kent fat-shame.

This rule is born out of the season five premiere, in which Lala told the entire cast they didn’t look like they were working on their “summer bodies,” and James continually asked Katie if she was pregnant.

“It's so not creative,” Stassi says, explaining why you’ll want to drink to forget the moment. “Like, [they] are so lacking intelligence.”

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2. Drink every time Kristen chews someone out.

Technically, Stassi said to drink every time Kristen tells someone to “suck a d**k,” but we’ve expanded it. Other amazing phrases from Kristen include, “I’m the most powerful b**ch in the world,” “You are nothing,” and “I will f**king murder you.”

3. Drink every time anyone bursts into tears.

It’s hard to find an episode of Vanderpump Rules without some waterworks. If two people are crying at the same time (a la Kristen and Tom Sandoval’s Miami heart-to-heart in season three), you might as well finish your drink.

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4. Drink every time Jax Taylor attempts to exit a conversation.

Jax doesn’t exactly love engaging in discussions that are all about how he lied/cheated/stole, etc., yet they happen a lot. Look out for phrases like, “I’m done talking about this” and “I’m not gonna go there.”

5. Drink every time Stassi brings up her birthday.

Season one and two were all about Stassi’s birthday. Who can forget the trips to Las Vegas and Mexico?? But, heads up, this rule isn’t only for those vintage episodes.

“She has a birthday every year,” Kristen teases for season five. “So, there's that.”

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6. Drink every time a cast member is drinking on screen.

OK, this one seems a bit dangerous, because there is pretty much alcohol in every single scene of this show. Still, it’s a rule the ladies invented!

“We’d be dead,” Stassi jokes.

7. Drink every time one of the cast’s hand-picked most embarrassing moments pops up.

We’re adding this one in based on what Katie, Kristen and Stassi told us they consider to be the hardest scenes to watch, of themselves. Check out the video embedded above to see what they chose. (Yes, of course, Tequila Katie makes an appearance.)

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