'The Walking Dead': 6 Things We Learned From Carl's Day Out, From Negan's Wives to How Dwight Got His Scar!

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WARNING: If you have not watched this week's episode of
The Walking Dead, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! For everyone else, get your irons ready and let's do this…

The last time we saw Carl on The Walking Dead, he was headed off on one of the Saviors' trucks with Jesus on a mission to exact his revenge on Negan, and in the latest episode, he meets the man face to face.

Sunday's episode, titled "Sing Me a Song," finally gave us a look at the Sanctuary through Carl's eyes -- ahem, eye -- and while Carl's vision isn't exactly 20/20, here are six important things we learned:

1. Carl's a bit of a badass… and even Negan thinks so

Carl made one heck of an entrance once finally inside the Sanctuary's gates, killing two of Negan's men from the back of his truck -- and though he was quickly outnumbered by the Saviors, he made quite the impression on our favorite charming sociopath.

"You scare the sh*t out of me," Negan said, laughing as he took Carl's weapon away and promised to give him the grand tour of his base. "No. 1, do not shatter my image of you," Negan warned as Carl questioned where he was taking him, "and No. 2, do you really want me to ruin the surprise?"

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2. The Sanctuary is basically Negan's harem

As for what the surprise was? That would be Negan's harem, where roughly 10 women -- Negan's wives -- were on call for whatever he needed. That's right… Negan's a polygamist. While Negan has never hurt any of his wives (according to Sherry, at least), he made his cardinal rule clear to new wife, Amber, who seemed to be getting too close to one of Negan's men: "You can't cheat on me."


3. Carl's still a little sensitive about his eye

It seemed Negan just couldn't decide what to do with Carl -- threatening to chop off his arm, teasing him with Lucille, and making him sing a little song -- before trying to break him down by picking on his insecurities.

"That is disgusting! No wonder you covered that up!," he said to Carl after forcing him to remove the bandage from his eye, to which Carl started to cry. "You may not be a hit with the ladies, but no one's going to screw with you looking like that."

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4. Dwight's scar was a punishment from Negan

Negan may have found Carl's scar "disgusting," but that doesn't mean he's opposed to scarring others. After his little sit-down with Carl, the two made their way to the rest of the group, where it was time to punish the man coming between him and Amber with "the iron." (And finally answer the question of how Dwight got his scar!)

Negan regally made his way down the staircase before gloving up and grabbing a scolding hot iron from Dwight -- and pressing that iron to the side of the man's face until he passed out.

"I hope we all learned something today," Negan yelled as he pulled the iron away from the man's boiling flesh, leaving a scar identical to Dwight's, "because I don't ever want to have to do that again."

(As for the man? Negan's not a total monster, he did call for the doc to clean up the damage.)


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5. Daryl's got a way out

While Negan and Carl headed back to Alexandria, Daryl headed back to his cell, but it seems he won't be there for much longer.

"Go Now," read a note slipped under Daryl's door, along with a single match and a key -- a message from Jesus, who finally caught up to the compound, or Dwight, who may have just switched sides.

6. Negan's plan is brewing

"If you knew anything, you would kill us," Carl barked at Negan at the beginning of the episode, after Negan explained the usefulness of keeping him and his group alive. But Negan might have had a change of heart.

It was time for Carl to return the favor and give Negan a tour of his house while they waited for Rick to get home from scavenging, where Negan graciously offered to bang Olivia, played a game of darts, and discovered what was hidden behind the door to the "water heater": Judith. "Maybe I should bury you guys," Negan offered as he rocked Judith to sleep on the front porch, and waited for Rick's arrival.

One thing's for sure: Negan's definitely got a plan… but Rosita's got a gun.

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