EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Dockery's Letty Reveals Why She's Obsessed With Being Bad on 'Good Behavior'

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Michelle Dockery
is sharing some insight into Letty Raines on Good Behavior.

On Tuesday’s episode of TNT’s crime drama, titled “Beautiful Things Deserve Beautiful Things,” Letty, a seasoned con artist with a drug-addled past, reveals for the first time ever why she’s obsessed with her oft-dangerous life as a thief.

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In ET’s exclusive sneak peek, Letty sheds light into what makes her tick, sharing this all with the least likely person: her parole officer, Christian (Terry Kinney), who happens to be inebriated and whom she persuades to help with a new mission.

Chad Hodge
, co-creator and showrunner of Good Behavior, weighed in on the significance of the scene, calling it a “landmark moment” for the series in an exclusive statement to ET:

This scene comes at the exact halfway point of the season. Halfway through episode five. This was not intentional but I love that it hits this benchmark because for me it’s the landmark moment when Letty says out loud, perhaps for the first time ever, why she does what she does.

She replaces one high (drugs, alcohol) with another (dressing up and stealing). And she’s telling this to Christian, her parole officer, who is currently drunk. I love that unexpected dynamic and the roller-coaster of their dueling psychologies.

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It’s a long scene (you’re only seeing part of it here) that gets at the very heart of who Letty is and what
Good Behavior is about so I wanted it to be simple in every other way. Two people talking at a diner table. Two incredible actors doing what they do best.

When we shot the scene I remember Michelle telling me that working with Terry Kinney was like taking a master class in acting. This scene then kick-starts the rest of the episode… “Wanna help?” Of course he does.

Good Behavior
airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.