EXCLUSIVE: 'Ladies of London' Stars Tease 'Brutal' Shift From 'Friends'-Style Fun to Full-On 'Dynasty' Drama

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Bravo’s Ladies of London is about to reach a British boiling point.

“It’s coming any minute,” Caroline Stanbury teases ET. “I am pushed to a point… it’s like poking a bear, eventually I’m going to snap.”

ET caught up with Stanbury and co-star Juliet Angus over the phone, and the women admit season three is “quite hard to watch,” at least for them.

“It’s not how I imagined it going, in any way, shape or form,” Stanbury confesses. “It’s brutal. I guess that’s entertaining TV for you.”

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“Past seasons have been like Friends,” Angus notes. “People have been trying to get along, and there’s little problems. This year is like Dynasty. All these girls are trying to throw Caroline under the bus and off her perch, so to speak.”

Stanbury has been the unchallenged queen bee of the cast since day one, but this year she says she felt very much alone.

“It is lonely on your own little island on these shows, when you’re completely crucified,” Stanbury shares.

“Caroline and I have a good relationship,” Angus notes. “Some of the other girls’ trust is so broken … [and] I will call bulls**t when I see it.”

The main source of conflict comes from Stanbury’s rocky relationships with her sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, and co-star Julie Montagu. Angus dubs them two “sorority sisters,” and that’s not a compliment.

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“Julie doesn’t really [matter], you know,” Stanbury scoffs. “It’s, like, white noise. I think what really hurt and shocked me is Sophie’s behavior to me … forget everything else, because it’s a betrayal from your family, which is like nothing I was prepared for. And then you realize, clearly, she says, you know, ‘the gloves are off.’ OK, so, you know, bring it!”

So far, viewers have only seen a peek at the so-called betrayal, with Sophie Stanbury opening up to Montagu about her feelings toward her sister-in-law, and sharing information from private conversations the two have had.

Angus suggests her co-stars “took advantage” of Stanbury this season, pointing out that the mom of three was in a “vulnerable” place. Not only had she recently folded her company, but she was in the middle of moving to Dubai. (She goes back and forth to London every two weeks.)

“I think they took her moments of weakness this year to their advantage, and really tried to bring her spirits down,” Angus says. “Caroline is able to put on a strong front and be there for everyone ... I think it was very much lacking this year with people she thought would be there for her.”

Still, the stars say this season won’t be all an attack on Stanbury. Expect lots of trips and parties to bring some fun to the show.

“Even through all that [stuff], I still manage a bloody laugh,” Stanbury confesses.

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The longtime pals call their bond “unwavering” now, noting they learned a lot about themselves over the course of the season.

“I learned that if I stick with something, and really am true to myself about it … that I can actually do great things,” Angus beams. “[With] getting the right people to support you, my husband, a good friend like Caroline … I’ve realized, in London, that I can be successful.”

“She’s achieved what she set out to do,” Stanbury chimes in. “I think with myself, I think I’ve just realized that I’m a lot stronger than I thought ... I’d rather be on my island, on my own, than in that sorority.”

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