EXCLUSIVE: 'Married to Medicine' Star Quad Calls Out 'Parasite' Co-Star, Shuts Down Reconciling With Mariah

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Quad Webb-Lunceford is very clear on where she stands with her Married to Medicine co-stars. Or rather, where they stand with her.

“I literally love who I love, I'm with who I'm with, and I'm for you if I'm for you,” Quad tells ET. “So, I don't really understand … the thought process of the scandal, and the shadiness, and the shady, sneaky parasite piece of work. It's just not my tea.”

The 35-year-old says that “parasite” she’s referring to is co-star Lisa Nicole Cloud, with whom she has gotten into explosive arguments over the course of the series. That’s no different in season four.

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“A parasite needs a host,” Quad notes. “I actually think she's using Mariah [Huq] to be her host, actually. They might be using each other. I think the relationship that they are now in is quite interesting.”

Fans will recall Lisa and Mariah didn’t always see eye to eye, but went into season four toasting to “new beginnings.”

“I think that it was born out of desperation,” Quad surmises. “There were no allies on the show for them, so they said, ‘Let's get together and see if we can take the Quad machine down!’ But it's impossible. Not gonna happen!”

Quad and Mariah were, at one time, best friends. Married to Medicine’s early episodes centered around their strong bond and decade-long friendship, which slowly fell apart in the show’s second season. Mariah wound up sitting out for most season three, leaving viewers wondering what exactly happened between the ladies.

“Here's the thing: I never changed the dynamics [of the friendship],” Quad teases. “So, you'd probably address that question to the person who changed the dynamics of our relationship. It was never me. But you know what? Honestly, I wish her well. I wish her family well. I think I'm OK where I am.”

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“Unfortunately, guys, I'm sorry, it's probably never going to be another Quad and Mariah show,” she admits. “It's probably never going to be another Quad and Mariah anything. But again, I'm praying for her. I wish that she's happy and healthy and prosperous, and I think that's giving her more than enough.”

Instead of dwelling on the past, Quad is enjoying the here and now, spending more time with her family and focusing on having fun. You can watch Quad live her life every week on Married to Medicine, airing Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. The series moves to Fridays at 8 p.m. ET beginning Dec. 16.

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