EXCLUSIVE: Betty White Reveals Her Hollywood Crush: 'If I Ever Met Him, I Would Faint'

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Betty White has been famous for longer than most people have been alive, but ET found something she still hasn't done in her life.

"Robert Redford," White joked with ET's Kevin Frazier.

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When Frazier brought up the possibility of arranging a meeting between the two, White turned shy.

"Oh no!" she said. "If I ever met him, I would faint."

Frazier caught up with the 94-year-old acclaimed actress on the set of Freeform's Young & Hungry, where she was filming her latest TV role.

On the half-hour comedy, White will guest star as Gabi's (Emily Osment) neighbor Ms. Wilson, who reluctantly helps Gabi figure out what to do next after a misunderstanding with Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) leaves her confused. Ms. Wilson has plenty of experience with the opposite sex, as it’s revealed she's had five husbands.

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After seven decades in show business, White's phone is still ringing with offers to appear on TV shows and movies, and her wit is as sharp as ever. The Emmy winner hasn't lost a step since first appearing on the scene, and Frazier asked about her secret to remaining a young at heart.

"It is still a secret to me," she joked. "No, but I think it's good health. I am so healthy and at 94, you don't expect to be that healthy. And I love what I do."

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Most impressively, White has remained humble and still doesn't take the love of her countless fans for granted.

"Please know how deeply I appreciate it," she said. "When you walk into some place and a perfect stranger is your friend and that's a great privilege."