Bruno Mars Shows Off Amazing Elvis Impression, Proves He Looks Great in Any Hat on New 'Carpool Karaoke'

The '24K Magic' singer brought his silk, style and smile to a charming new installment of the hit 'Late Late Show' segment.

Bruno Mars hit the road with James Corden for an high-energy, funktastic installment of "Carpool Karaoke" on Tuesday.

Kicking things off with his latest best-selling single "24k Magic," the R&B superstar didn't shy away from getting into his own jams, and encouraged Corden to follow suit.

Mars was rocking his usual all-silk ensemble and white ballcap, and Corden marveled at the singer’s comfortable, decadent style and his ability to make any hat look good.
To prove his point, Corden busted out a few different hats to show just how great Mars' natural style really is. First, Corden donned an oversized top hat that made him look like "an undertaker," but Bruno totally pulled it off, even looking a bit like Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash.

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Up next was a powder blue, wide-brimmed fedora with a zebra print band and a peacock feather, which Mars looked even better in.

Later, as they drove through L.A. while Mars waved at pedestrians, the 31-year-old singer revealed that he first realized he wanted to be a performer when he was only 4 years old.

"I was impersonating Elvis Presley in my dad's rock ‘n’ roll 1950s revue in Waikiki," Mars recounted. And it turns out he can still belt out The King's iconic hits without any musical accompaniment at all. Without hesitation, Mars sang a few lines of "Jailhouse Rock" that were all but as good at the original.

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Mars previously showed off his insane talent for musical mimicry when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 2012 In one sketch, Mars delivered some truly mind-blowing impressions of everyone from Michael Jackson to Green Day to Justin Bieber, among others. So it should come as no surprise that he can do a wicked Elvis impression, but it's wildly impressive none the less.

As their drive continued, Mars continued to bring his unbridled energy to the ride, and wound up performing a rendition of "Uptown Funk" that may be the most full-bodied karaoke performance in the segment's history.

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To close the segment out, Corden decided to try rocking his own silk outfit, gold chains and ball cap as they sang "Perm" and drove off into the heart of the city.

Check out more epic "Carpool Karaoke" moments in the video below.