EXCLUSIVE: 'Graves' Star Nick Nolte Asks Skylar Astin for a Big Favor in Show's Season 1 Finale

The 75-year-old actor nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for his work in the series.

Nick Nolte's only had nine episodes of Graves to impress as a former U.S. president admitting to mistakes, but impress he certainly did.

The 75-year-actor recently nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a TV comedy for his work on the show, and only ET has an exclusive sneak peek at the EPIX series' season one finale.

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"The last few months for me have been a delayed mid-life crisis of sorts," Nolte's Richard Graves says to his overeager assistant, Isaiah Miller (Skylar Astin), in a serious moment of self-awarness.

"Oh, I wouldn't call it a crisis, sir. An exploration, maybe," Miller politely offers.

Graves, however, isn't having it.

"You know, I need to put my estate in order, tie up loose ends, and make my peace with it, don't you think?" he replies.

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"Yeah, that would be the conventional wisdom for someone your age, but things have been so unconventional for so long… are you sure you're okay?" Miller says, now clearly concerned.

"You know, I've kind of put the past to bed now that Margaret's really running," Graves admits. "There's something else I need from you."

Watch the clip above to find out just what his special request is.

The season finale of Graves airs Sunday, Dec. 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on EPIX.

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