Nick Viall Says He 'Definitely Found Love' on 'The Bachelor,' Reveals Andi Dorfman Reached Out Before Filming

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Nick Viall isn't looking for any advice.

The 36-year-old hopped on a conference call with reporters on Tuesday to discuss his upcoming season of The Bachelor, revealing that he's approaching the role "differently" -- and certainly not seeking any advice from his famous exes (and former Bachelorettes) Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman.

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"It certainly wasn't a priority at all to get their advice. I didn't reach out to them at all. Andi did reach out [with] a simple text to wish me luck, and it was a very gracious text, but certainly no advice was given, and certainly no advice was asked," he said, adding that he hasn't "had any contact with Kaitlyn at all."

"I think every experience in life that you have, good or bad, hopefully you can learn from it, and use that going forward to hopefully make better decisions," explained Viall, who had a bad boy reputation on The Bachelorette before joining Bachelor in Paradise. "But I don't think I’m that much of a different person between Bachelor in Paradise or The Bachelor, and for that matter, I don't think I'm that much different of a person from the time I went on Andi's season to Kaitlyn's season."

Though Viall's relationships with Bristowe and Dofman didn't work out -- he was the runner-up on both of their seasons -- he does admit that both women share a quality that he's hoping to find in his future wife.

"Both [are] great women and they certainly have a lot of great qualities. As much as I did care for those women in the past, I was also very thankful that it didn't work out," he confessed, "but there's no denying, I've always been attracted to women with strong personalities and a lot of confidence and women who are intelligent and willing to be my partner."

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While Viall has his own checklist for the perfect woman, he also addressed concerns that he would have to clear up "misconceptions" about his past, considering that he outted Dorfman for sleeping with him in the fantasy suite, and openly slept with Bristowe mid-way through her season.

"I certainly didn't go into the evening with wanting to clear up any misconceptions, but at the same time… I was certainly aware of the fact that it is entirely possible that some of the women [on] night one could have a variety of opinions about me," he explained.

"I'm someone who likes transparency, and I want to be in a relationship where people are upfront and open about any questions and concerns that they have, and so I always invited that, not only in night one, but throughout the season," he added. "I certainly wanted to make myself available to the women to feel comfortable enough with me to ask me any questions they might have had or concerns that they have, you know, in getting to know me."

While Viall's polarizing past may not be something he thinks he needs to address, he does admit that being a Bachelor bad guy has pushed him to see through some of the show's drama.

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"I suppose I approach situations differently than most, maybe even of my peers in the past. In Andi's season, there was a lot of people who had their concerns about me… One of those people was Chris Soules, who is one of my closest friends now," he said, revealing that he doesn't plan to put much weight on drama between girls not being there "for the right reasons."

"I think that environment is, you know, subject to a lot of emotions and a lot of intensities, and when you're all going after the same person, it can bring up a lot of insecurities that aren't based on reality… So, I honestly didn't put a lot of emphasis on some of that stuff," he shared. "At the same time, I would always listen, and I think it's just a matter of what the situation was, and why these concerns may or may not have been raised. I think I read situations different, but I certainly wasn't looking to end up with the most popular person in the house."

Nick's future wife doesn't necessarily need to get along with the others girls in the house, but she does need to impress his little sister, Bella, who stole the show with her wise-beyond-her-years opinions and protectiveness over her big brother.

"You'll see more of Bella. [She's] pretty wonderful," he revealed. "There has been ups and downs [of finding love on TV], and I think even more than me, my family has felt the feelings of the ups and downs [even more intensely]. So I think they're excited and thankful that I'm on the different side of it this time, and I think Bella's no different."

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Viall didn't give too much away about the show's premiere during the call, but he did open up about dealing with a woman from his past possibly joining the show.

"I can't give too much detail away, other than the fact that I didn't know that someone from my past would show up," he said. "Certainly when that happens, I think anyone would be shocked. As far as how it all plays out, or what I thought about it, I think that will be a very compelling part of the first episode."

And as for the finale? Viall stayed tight-lipped about that, too, but did reveal that's he's "found love"!

"I can say I definitely found love," he confessed. "I really won’t be able to get into much more detail about that other that. But… I certainly have no regrets."

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