EXCLUSIVE: 'Killing Fields' Goes Inside a Barrel of Evidence to Identify John Doe

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Last week on Killing
, detectives took an interest in a second cold case when forensic
experts started examining the contents of a barrel first found in 2005.
Evidence of a 25 to 30-year-old black man could be Curtis “Cochise” Smith, who
first went missing in 1991.

Det. Rodie Sanchez, who was originally on the case in 1991, and
a team of police decide to take a closer look at the contents of the barrel.
Last week, they discovered body imprints in the cement. This week, in ET’s
exclusive first look at the episode, they uncover more gruesome details of this
“time capsule” that once contained a human body.

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“This is his ear,” Det. Aubrey St. Angelo says in surprise,
pointing to a chunk of cement containing the fossilized remains. In addition to
the ear, they find hair, pieces of clothing and more materials that could help
them identify John Doe as Smith.

While experts examine the evidence and await DNA results,
the detectives follow up on a tip about the possible murder weapon: a .22 caliber
rifle. This new information leads them down a path back to local businessman
Tommy Francise, the original suspect in the disappearance of Smith.

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Killing Fields airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on
Discovery Channel.