EXCLUSIVE: Marissa Hermer Calls Out Mommy-Shaming Co-Star, Talks LA Move & Her 'Ladies of London' Future

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Marissa Hermer is no longer a lady of London -- at least for now.

The Ladies of London star recently moved with her husband and kids back home to California, settling down in Los Angeles. ET’s Leanne Aguilera caught up with the mom of three at NBCUniversal’s Television Critics Association press event in Pasadena, California, on Tuesday.

“My husband was right!” Marissa says of the big move. “Don't tell him that, but he knew exactly what I needed ... It's pretty great. It's fun, we've got a lot of space in our house, the sun is shining. So, it's not so bad.”

The 35-year-old admits she wasn’t excited about emigrating while cameras were rolling over the summer, but she’s since changed her stance.

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“[It] is exciting if you're in the right headspace and emotional sort of space, which I was not this summer,” she shares. The decision to swap continents came not long after giving birth to daughter Sadie in April 2016. The pregnancy was difficult, and resulted in Marissa having to have a hysterectomy.

While she’s settling into L.A. life, Marissa is quick to note she hasn’t given up her English roots. The dual citizen tells ET she and husband Matt kept their home and businesses back in London.

“We kept [our restaurant] Bumpkin,” she says. “Matt sold [nightclub] Boujis, and I sold Top Dog. So, our plates cleared up a little bit, but we still have some of the restaurants and bars. So, we’ll go back and forth.”

The restaurateur now has plans to expand stateside, taking inspiration from a fellow Bravo-lebrity.

“I respect Lisa Vanderpump,” Marissa confesses. “[It’s] always good to know the competition.”

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The reality star says she’d totally consider joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills now that she lives 90210-adjacent, but for now she’s focused on the second half of Ladies of London’s current season.

“This is our third season, so I'm less sort of surprised, or hurt, [by my co-stars] as we go along,” she says. “Sometimes there are some surprises, but I'm less surprised now. Now, I know what to expect and who to expect it from.”

Still, she admits some recent mommy-shaming by her co-stars got under her skin. Marissa and her husband decided to travel to New York with one of their sons just days after their daughter had a health scare and was hospitalized.

“I wouldn't leave a healthy infant behind, let alone one that was in the hospital two days before,” castmate Juliet Angus quipped to co-star Caroline Fleming.

“That was sort of hard to take, actually,” Marissa confesses. “I'm not surprised that other people are surprised, because it was a hard decision for me to make.”

“What's hard is the criticism from close friends,” she continues. “But you know, Juliet didn't really know what I was going through. I hadn't really spoken to her in a year … I think hearing a dear friend criticize me, or an old friend, that sort of knocked me sideways.”

Marissa says by talking about her feelings, she hopes other moms will speak out against shaming, too.

“It's also so normal, I think that's the hard part,” she says. “I wish it wasn't so normal, but we all -- moms -- do it to each other. It's how it goes. I wish it wasn't like that.”

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