EXCLUSIVE: 'The Magicians' Stars Tease 'Danger' and 'Mourning' in Season 2 -- Plus, Watch a Beastly Sneak Peek

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Pop the champagne and get ready to party harder than the physical kids because season two of The Magicians is finally here!

After months of intense Brakebills withdrawals and longing dreams of Fillory, Syfy's wickedly edgy drama has magically returned -- and only ET has your exclusive first look at tonight's premiere and the spellbinding details of what's to come.

"It's a season about mourning and sacrifice," Jason Ralph, who stars as Quentin Coldwater, ominously teased to our cameras last week at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

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"We start off season two basically two seconds after we leave off in season one, where all of his friends are bleeding and dying on the floor and he has to rally to hopefully bring them all back to life," the 30-year-old actor explained. "And then it is about how do we rule Fillory and the journey that comes from that."

With Elliot already in place as Fillory's newest high king, there are three crowns left in the royal court and fans will get to witness Margo, Quentin and Alice's coronation in the season two premiere. (Sorry, Penny -- but we all know you wouldn't want to be a Fillorian king anyways…)


Actress Olivia Taylor Dudley, who plays the endearingly bookish Alice Quinn, gushed that this season has been bringing all of her most regal dreams to life.

"This show just keeps fulfilling one dream after the next as an actress and as a fantasy lover. I love this genre so much and in this season we get to explore what it's like to be royals and we get to push our magic to a new level. So, yeah, putting on a crown -- there's nothing better," she added with a laugh.

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Ralph confessed that despite Quentin's lifelong desire to travel to Fillory, he is a "reluctant" ruler of his new magical home. "This is his place and the thing that he has been dreaming of for his entire life and he gets there and it's not what he expected it would be," the actor explained.

"It's fraught with danger and complication and what he was seeking was a
very black and white world -- a very simple world -- and it seems to be
the opposite of that. It's betraying him at every turn so he's forced
to reconcile those new feelings of betrayal."

Speaking of betrayal, fans were shocked last season when Quentin, Margo and Elliot participated in an emotionally overloaded threesome and Alice witnessed their adulterous behavior. But according to Dudley, it's going to take a whole lot more magical mayhem to fully break-up Quentin and Alice for good.


"I think the relationship between Alice and Quinten is never going to go away. It's a very complex one and it’s a deep love of their lives," she shares. "[Whether] It’s the one that got away or the one that comes back, we'll see, but you're going to get to see a lot of them this season and deal with each other on a whole other level than what we saw in the first season. They can't really get away from each other."
And we don’t want them to!

Dying for even more magical details? Press play on our video below for an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's premiere featuring Julia's deadly deal with The Beast.

The season two premiere of The Magicians airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.