Stephen Colbert and Billy Eichner Take to the Streets to Talk to New Yorkers About President Donald Trump


Stephen Colbert
joined "proudly elitist, gay, Jewish, liberal, native New Yorker, piece of s**t snowflake" Billy Eichner for a politically charged segment on the season five finale of Billy on the Street.

The two stars walked around the Big Apple to talk to other New Yorkers about a so-called "New York bubble" of liberalism, and asked fans if they had any message they'd like Colbert to pass along to President Donald Trump.

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Talking to one woman outside a storefront, the life-long New Yorker explained that she's concerned about "the people he's bringing into his cabinet. He's opening Pandora's box."

"He actually grabbed Pandora's box without asking permission," Colbert quipped before Eichner pulled him away to accost other unsuspecting passersby.

While the segment had Eichner's usual kinetic energy, it also allowed thoughtful moments of candid honesty that struck a tone of real political passion, and made some solid arguments regarding New York's role in politics.

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Toward the end of the segment, Eichner told Colbert, "I like being in my New York bubble. It’s the best bubble! I even want to be in a smaller bubble."

At which point the pair got inside some giant, inflatable bubble balloons and danced around New York City.


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Colbert has been one of the more vocal late night talk show hosts to oppose the newly-elected President -- alongside Late Night host Seth Meyers -- and has frequently used his Late Show platform to share pointed op-eds about the 70-year-old former Celebrity Apprentice host.

A day after the election, Colbert delivered an emotional monologue about Trump's unexpected electoral vote victory and subsequent protests. Check out the video below to hear what the politically-charged comic had to say.

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