EXCLUSIVE: 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Jason George Wants Sandra Oh Back: 'I Would Love Nothing More'

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Grey’s Anatomy
may be humming along in its 13th season, but there is one beloved character fans have been hoping to see back in the Grey-Sloan scrubs -- and they’re not alone.

Jason George
, who plays Ben Warren on ABC’s hit medical drama, dropped by ET’s Burbank studios on Thursday, and waxed poetic about possibly bringing back former co-star Sandra Oh, who portrayed fan favorite Cristina Yang.

“I would love nothing more than for Sandra Oh to come back. She is just a beast of an actress,” George, 44, told ET. “And any time she’s around, we have more fun and things just get better.”

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Oh, 45, departed Grey’s in 2014 after playing Cristina, Meredith Grey’s best friend and confidante, for nearly a decade.

“I never really got to have any really meaningful scenes with Sandra, so I would love to have some opportunity to have an argument with Yang,” George proposed. “As an actor, you want to have your big, passion things. You want to have your moment where you break some stuff, and go off, and we all get that opportunity on this show. But it’s like, ‘I want to do it with that actor, or that actress….’ That would’ve been fun.”

Back in September, Oh broke the collective hearts of Grey’s fans everywhere when she told ET Canada at the Toronto Film Festival, “No, I have no plans to return to Grey’s anytime soon.”

In Hollywood, things change on a dime. Fingers crossed, we’ll see Cristina gracing the hospital hallways in the future!

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Meanwhile, following Grey’s midseason return on Thursday, George teased the ramifications of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) taking the plea deal and possibly serving out a lengthy prison sentence. The actor shared how he and his co-stars reacted over the development.

“I’ll say this, I remember when we finished that script at the table read and he went to take the plea deal, cast members and crew were screaming in the room, like, ‘What?!’” he remembered. “We were every bit as freaked out as you are. Like, ‘What’s happening here? You can’t! He can’t go to jail. This is crazy.’ But you can. The reality is, it’s Grey’s. People die, people go to jail.”

As for whether a baby is in Ben and Miranda Bailey’s future, George was all for the idea.

“I would love that,” he said, referencing the episode where Ben goes “psycho-stepdad on Tuck.” “It’d be cool. It would be a whole, interesting loop. I will pitch that to some writers for you, how about that?!”

Grey’s Anatomy
airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.