EXCLUSIVE: Kandi Burruss Reveals the Shocking Moment Her 'RHOA' Co-Stars Didn't Know Was Caught on Camera

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Kandi Burruss really isn’t holding back when it comes to calling out her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars.

“This is the tea that you should catch,” the star shares. “I think you guys should know this. There are times where … we go eat, we might talk for a while, then they might give us a break [from the cameras] to eat, and then, you know, whatever.”

That “whatever” part is where things get interesting. Obviously, the ladies still chat when the cameras go down. Kandi says sometimes those conversations become a little freer for some of the women. She claims viewers unknowingly witnessed such a moment on a recent episode.

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Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams and Sheree Whitfield were out to lunch, speaking normally about Phaedra’s falling out with Kandi. Then, all of a sudden, one camera started filming the women from behind a bush, and the ladies were speaking in hushed tones. Kandi says, in that moment, her co-stars had no idea they were being recorded.

“You know [Shamea Morton] and Kandi are like this,” Phaedra whispered, before making a graphic gesture with her fingers. “They f**k.”

“They are really close,” Shamea’s bestie, Porsha, chimed in. “She’s close to both of them. Close to her and [Kandi’s husband] Todd.”

“She do ‘em both!” Phaedra added.

“That's what I try to tell people,” Kandi tells ET. “There's things that [Phaedra] does and says off-camera that she never does on-camera, so that's why you guys don't get to see the real deal. But that episode, they caught her red-handed.”

“I think it was so funny,” she continues. “I actually cracked up laughing when I saw that episode.”

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“This is what I want you guys to see,” Kandi says. “Seeing as they didn't know that part was going to air … when they [later] drop this ‘bomb’ of Kandi is an in-the-closet, undercover lesbian … I confront [Porsha] and I say, ‘But you kissed me in the club, we did all this… so, basically, we're in the same boat, sister.’ And then she's like, 'Oh, you tried to get me and Todd... me, Shamea to do something.' I was like, ‘You a big liar!’”

“If that was the case, why didn't she mention … that I tried to get her to do something when she threw her best friend under the bus weeks ago?” Kandi asks. “Her story changes all the time, people. All the time.”

The Bedroom Kandi creator says more ‘lies’ will come to light the more and more she interacts with Porsha the rest of the season.

“I’m super done with her,” Kandi shares. “I’m definitely done with her … She and I are going to have really heated exchanges, where I’m gonna be the one blowing up, but I felt like she was purposefully doing and saying things to get under my skin.”

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