Matt Damon Says He's the Father of Jimmy Kimmel's Baby, Takes Paternity Test to Prove It

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With a new baby on the way, Jimmy Kimmel and his wife, Molly McNearney, recently went in for an ultrasound, and things did not go as planned.

Kimmel shared some home video footage of his wife's trip to the obstetrician on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. The sweet family moment all went downhill when the host's long-time "mortal enemy," Matt Damon, walked through the door.

Despite his promise to stop having sex with Kimmel's wife, Damon claimed he's the one who got McNearney pregnant and came up with the perfect way to figure out who gets to be the dad: let the baby decide.

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Leaning down next to the mom-to-be's baby bump, Damon spoke to the baby in dulcet tones and laid out the options.

"Hello baby! We don’t know if you're a boy or a girl, but you have a choice of daddies," Damon said. "One daddy could be an Emmy loser… Other daddy could be an Oscar winner! Do you wanna play with daddy's Oscar?"

However, the trio come up with an even better way to solve the argument: take a paternity test on The Maury Povich Show.

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With Martin Short playing Povich, Damon and Kimmel went face to face with cheesy daytime trash talk, only to find out that neither of them is the real father! As it turns out, the baby's dad was Tracy Morgan all along.

"How could either of you satisfy me when all you really want is each other?" McNearney told the two rivals while Morgan sat with his arm around her shoulder and a smug smile.

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The hilariously bizarre sketch is just another chapter in Damon and Kimmel's long-running (and fictitious) feud, which has been an endless well of comedy for the late night host, who has been sparring with the Great Wall star since his show began.

Last February, Damon made it onto JKL yet again when his bestie, Ben Affleck, smuggled him into the studio inside a trench coat. Then, last week after the Super Bowl, Damon snuck onto the set by pretending to be Tom Brady. Check out the video below to see more.

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