EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor' Nick Viall Finally Meets Corinne Olympios' Nanny, Raquel -- Watch!


Bachelor Nation, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! ET has an exclusive sneak peek at Monday night’s episode, in which we finally hear from this season’s (arguably) biggest star: Corinne’s nanny!


Nick Viall will head to hometowns with his final four contestants Monday, which means he’s meeting Corinne Olympios’ family in Florida. If there’s one person who’s a key member of the Olympios squad, it’s their nanny, Raquel – though we’ve never heard her speak until now! Raquel first rose to fame with Corinne’s intro package on the show, during which viewers learned that the 24-year-old still lived in her family’s house, and still had Raquel making her bed, cooking for her and more.


And all of us were like…


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Corinne’s Nanny even got a Twitter account, which Nick actively and hilariously engages with. But after some online backlash over adult Corinne having a ‘nanny,’ the Olympios family clarified.

“Raquel is not a slave and my family and I treat her like part of the family,” Corinne said on Instagram.

Corinne’s mother, Peri Olympios, spoke exclusively to ET. “The woman was with me while I survived cancer,” Peri said. “Believe me, this woman could do no wrong. She can have anything she wants and she's a part of our family."

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Now it seems the beloved Raquel, who is undoubtedly #TeamCorn, will get a chance to grill Nick on his intentions with the blonde beauty. Watch it all go down in the clip above!