'Bachelor' Standout Corinne Gets Sent Home, Responds in the Most Wonderfully Corinne Way Possible

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Corinne is out!

That's right, just one week before fantasy suites, Bachelor Nick Viall has given bad girl Corinne the boot -- and for all the headlines she's made this season, the Miami native's exit was surprisingly undramatic.

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After a little heart to heart with his ex, Andi Dorfman, it seems Nick had the clarity he needed to send Corinne home during the rose ceremony, before jetting off to Finland with Vanessa, Raven and Rachel.

"I love Nick so much. I had a really great hometown. It went incredible, better than I could ever ask for," Corinne said before Nick called Vanessa's name. " [But] anything could happen."

And then this happened:

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And then this:

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Before Corinne's moment of insecurity:

"I'm sorry if I ever did anything to make you upset," she cried while Nick tried to console her.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm going to miss the hell out of you. I have so much love for you, Corinne," he said.

Corinne quickly got her act together in the limo ride, however, declaring that she's "done trying to impress" men.

"Saying goodbye to Nick... I feel like my heart is literally never going to be repaired. I just want to feel loved, the way it's supposed to be. The normal way. Why can't I just have a normal relationship? I'm trying to say things that men think are appropriate, and you know what? I'm done trying to show my men how much I worship them and I love them and I support them. I need that," she moaned. "So if someone feels that way about me, they can tell me. And they can bring a ring to go along with it. I'm done trying to impress these men."

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"I'm going to be me, and whatever happens, happens. But I will never kiss up to a man again in my life!"

"I’m done," she concluded before delivering the most Corinne line possible: "I want to go to sleep."

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While things didn't work out with Nick, Corinne might have better luck with someone a little more her speed: Bachelor bad guy, Chad Johnson. 

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