Adam Levine Calls Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's 'Voice' Arguments Like a Sportscaster -- Watch!

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With Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani both serving as coaches on season 12 of The Voice, it's clear that their romantic relationship is already playing a role in their professional rivalry-- it actually seems to have made them more competitive!

When aspiring singer Savannah Leighton delivered a rousing performance of "Unconditionally" during the second night of blind auditions on Tuesday, Shelton was the first coach to turn around -- and was about to be the only one when Stefani swooped in at the last minute.

The competitive drive between the pair didn't go unnoticed by fellow coaches Adam Levine and Alicia Keys. After Stefani went up to hug Leighton -- who burst into tears as they embraced -- Shelton was quick to call foul.

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"That is an illegal motion!" Shelton joked.

However, the tables quickly turned when Shelton simply said hi, and the 16-year-old Voice hopeful all but melted with joy.

"Alicia! We should be calling it like a sporting event," Levine joked of Shelton and Stefani's attempts to woo Leighton. "Like, 'Oh no, that's a bad sign. She almost went into tears when Blake said hello.'"

As the pair verbally sparred, Stefani tried to relate to the young songstress by emphasizing her own experiences as a woman in the music industry, which Shelton couldn't connect with.

"With a surprising move, Gwen Stefani takes the lead again," Levine quipped.

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Shelton tried to connect to Leighton using his roots in country music, explaining how he'd be a better fit for the Alabama native because, "Gwen knows nothing about girls from the south."

"Uh, Southern California! Hello!" Stefani shot back.

"It looks like Blake takes the lead, but might be sleeping on the couch tonight," Levine said, continuing his running commentary.

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Despite his best efforts, Leighton still ended up choosing Gwen as her coach, and the "Make Me Like You" singer absolutely lost her cool as she ran up to hug her new team member.

It's clear from the first two episodes of the new season that Shelton and Stefani's relationship is going to create a whole new dynamic between the panel of coaches, and time will tell if it will work for or against the pair during the competition.

For more on this season's blind auditions, and the way Shelton and Stefani's relationship has played out on screen thus far, check out the video below.

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