Adam Levine Gets Fed Up With Blake Shelton, Walks Off Stage During 'The Voice' Blind Auditions

There's only so much a man can take when his favorite singers keep choosing another coach.

Blake Shelton's early dominance in the first rounds of The Voice's season 12 blind auditions has pushed fellow coach Adam Levine to his breaking point.

On Thursday's new episode, Voice hopeful Casi Joy got all four coaches to turn their chairs during her soulful performance of LeAnn Rimes' classic country tune "Blue." However, it was Shelton -- who has won over nearly every country artist who's tried out so far -- who turned around last.

As Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys made their pitches, a worn-down Levine decided to just give up hope.

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"I would do cartwheels to have you on my team," Levine said. "But I have been beaten down so many times by hearing a voice like yours, which clearly is rooted in that traditional country thing, so I'm not going to get my hopes up, because I am too exhausted."

A crestfallen Levine then stood up from his chair, waved to the crowd, and went to wander around behind the other coaches, eventually sitting down to pout on the far side of the stage.

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After Keys and Stefani made their pleas, Joy said the one thing that could get Levine back in the game: "I have sang in all genres, so I'm not just country… I'm ready to see where this show takes me."

"I'd like to retract some of my previous statements," Levine said, having returned to his red chair. "They were the rantings of a mad man. I've changed, Casi. I'm a new man! What if you chose me? That's crazy! That's the worst decision ever! Or, is it the best decision ever? You decide."

Despite the impassioned pleas, the writing was on the wall from the beginning, and the southern-styled vocalist signed on to Team Blake.

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"Well, I can’t say we didn’t see that coming..." Levine tweeted after her choice was made.

Joy couldn't help share her excitement, tweeting a photo backstage, which she captioned, "Is this even real?? I'm on #TeamBlake!"

Levine has had a tougher season than usual competing with his frenemy, especially with Shelton's frequent team-ups with Stefani. Check out the video below for a look at how Levine's been dealing with the coaching couple during this season's blind audition.