See If You Can Recognize James Corden and Other British Stars Before They Were Famous

James Corden looked a lot different for his first TV gig in his native U.K.

James Corden looked a lot different for his first TV gig in his native U.K.

The Late Late Show host has lost 85 pounds since he debuted on the British TV series Fat Friends in 2000. In one clip from the show, Corden's character reveals the plight of millions of people who struggle with their weight.

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"When I go out, I want to eat whatever I want or there's no point going," his character says.

Elizabeth Hurley has truly aged like fine wine based on clips from early in her career as a 23-year-old fresh face, and Catherine Zeta-Jones hasn't aged a day since her role in The Darling Buds of May in 1991.

The TV series turned Zeta-Jones into a household name, giving her the confidence to move to Los Angeles to pursue roles that showed her as more than just the "token pretty girl."

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Perhaps the best transformation is Daniel Craig. Fourteen years before becoming James Bond, he was already making ladies weak in the knees in Anglo Saxon Attitudes.

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