'The Walking Dead': Rick Cheats Death on a Dangerous Run -- But Does Tara Finally Tell Him About Oceanside?


Rick pulled one heck of a Houdini move at the carnival.

WARNING: If you have not watched this week's episode of
The Walking Dead, READ NO FURTHER! For everyone else, get your carnival tickets ready and lets do this...

Consider this one carnival we're not itching to go visit.

Monday's episode of The Walking Dead saw Rick and Michonne embark on perhaps the most romantic gun run of the entire series as they searched to collect enough weapons for the Scavengers to join their fight against the Saviors. The two eventually stumble upon an abandoned carnival ground filled with walkers... and -- you guessed it! -- guns, but not before Tara contemplates telling Rick about a group she knows that own lots of artillery: the Oceanside community.

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Here's everything you need to know about this week's episode:

Get Your Sexy On

Rick and Michonne definitely took advantage of their time away from Alexandria, as they spent their days searching for guns -- and their nights getting it on! These two had more sex (or should we call it the nasty -- because who knows what's been crawling around in that warehouse-turned-lovenest) in this episode than we've probably seen in the entire series. Though level-headed Michonne kept reminding Rick that they should get back to Alexandria, it's Rick who kept insisting they spend another day out on their search (perhaps for selfish reasons).


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One Day More

Rick's name might as well have been Jean Valjean on this episode, because he asked Michonne for "one day more" more times than was repeated in the entire production of Les Miserables. His persistence, however, did pay off, as he and Michonne stumbled upon an abandoned carnival, filled with walkers, food and the military weapons they needed for the Scavengers. Though the work to collect the weapons was definitely intimidating, it's nothing Rick and Michonne couldn't handle -- after they enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner of chili and mac and cheese.

Houdini Act

The next morning was go-time for our favorite post-apocalypse couple (RIP Glenn), as they headed out to collect. Michonne and her samurai sword killed it as usual, but it was Rick's eagerness to hunt a deer mid-zombie battle (seriously, Rick?) that almost got him killed. The father of two (you have kids, Rick!) climbed up a shoddy-looking Ferris wheel (never getting on one of those again), which eventually gave out -- dropping Rick what must have been 20 feet into a group of walkers. Michonne quickly ran to his rescue, but found herself paralyzed with emotion when she saw the walkers digging into a body -- something Rick told her she's going to have to get over if worst comes to worst in their future fight with the Saviors. Unbeknownst to our samurai queen, however, the body was the deer Rick was after, as he pulled a Houdini move, jumping out from inside a crate to slay the walkers, allowing him and Michonne to collect the guns they came for.

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You Can Keep the Cat

Rick and Michonne managed to bring back a total of 63 guns back to the Scavengers, but Jadis wasn't quite impressed. "Not enough," she told Rick after he presented her with the loot. "Our guns to take, our deal, still on." The two continued to bicker back and forth like an old married couple like they usually do, until Jadis offered some sympathy to Rick and his group, allowing them to have 20 guns.. "and the cat back."

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The Big Reveal

While Jadis agreed to still fight with Alexandria against the Saviors once they provided more weapons, Tara struggled with whether or not to tell Rick about her knowledge of the Oceanside community, who, as we know, have more than enough guns to go around. But just as Tara appeared tell Rick everything, Rosita made her way to the Hilltop, where she met up with Sasha, bringing an impressive sniper rifle and plan to kill Negan with her.

With Alexandria, the Scavengers, and Sasha and Rosita all locked and loaded with a target on Negan, it seems we'll have to wait until next week to see who gets to the Sanctuary first.

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