EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton Isn't Thrilled With Husband Vince's Slim Down in 'Braxton Family Values' Sneak Peek

While happy for her husband's health, Tamar admits, 'I don't like skinny men.'

Tamar Braxton’s husband, Vince Herbert, has seriously slimmed down in recent months, but not everyone is thrilled with the transformation!

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s premiere of the second half of Braxton Family Values’ fifth season, Tamar and her sisters -- Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina -- along with their mother, Evelyn, a.k.a. "Ms. E,” playfully bicker over who goes “grocery shopping” at the Dancing With the Stars alum’s house.

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Toni insists she only borrows “simple things” from her sister’s pantry, jokingly claiming that Tamar doesn’t stock some of her essentials, like low-sodium chicken broth.

“I do low-sodium!” Tamar insists. “Haven’t y’all seen Skinny Daddy? I have to do low-sodium!”

“Skinny Daddy,” according to Evelyn, is what Tamar and Vince’s 3-year-old son, Logan, calls his father following his recent slim down.

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“I’m very happy for Vince, he’s lost a lot of weight, he’s healthy,” Tamar admits to the cameras. “But I don’t like no skinny men. Only thing that want a bone is a dog.”

Braxton Family Values
returns with new episodes Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv.

Check out a look at the “scandalous” new season in the video below!

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