'This Is Us' Finale Sneak Peek: Did a Young Jack Almost Turn Down a Blind Date With Rebecca?

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Did Jack almost turn down a blind date with Rebecca?

In a new sneak peek from Tuesday’s anticipated This Is Us finale, a young, clean-shaven Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is helping Mrs. Peabody (Debra Mooney) tune up her late husband’s black 1967 Chevelle Super Sport.

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If the car looks familiar, it should. It’s the same car Jack covets before turning it in for a more family-friendly station wagon once he and Rebecca find out they’re having triplets.

In the scene, which takes place in 1972, it’s revealed that Jack has just returned home from the Vietnam War, where he was working as a mechanic, and has quite a healthy outlook on life, scraping by with odd jobs here and there.

“Wish I had a granddaughter for you,” Mrs. Peabody quips after praising Jack for being so nice after returning home from war, before remembering that she does have a girl for him.

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“Wait a second now, I know a girl I think you might like: my best friend’s granddaughter! Oh Jack, she’s the sweetest thing!” she says, excitedly.

“I’m not really one to be set up, Mrs. Peabody,” Jack says in an attempt to let Mrs. Peabody down gently.

“What are you doing Friday night? You’ll take her out. It’ll make me so happy!” Mrs. Peabody continues. “You’ll thank me. She’s a total knockout!”

Is the “best friend’s granddaughter,” Rebecca? Or, it may not be, but could Rebecca be at the restaurant Jack and the mystery girl go to on their Friday night date?

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As the finale nears, the This Is Us crew has been counting down the anticipated event on social media. Creator Dan Fogelman and Ventimiglia shared a NSFW text exchange from late January, after Ventimiglia first read the finale script.

“Holy f**k, Dan. This is gonna be heartbreaking and beautiful,” the 39-year-old actor wrote, adding later, “They’re gonna riot.”

This Is Us
airs its finale Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

For more on the final episode of the season, watch the video below.

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