EXCLUSIVE: Chrissy Metz Talks 'This Is Us' Sex Scenes, Wedding Dresses and a Mandy Moore Duet!

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This is Us
star Chrissy Metz
is getting really excited for the world of possibilities in the hit show's upcoming second season.

The actress opened up to ET's Leanne Aguilera at PaleyFest in Los Angeles on Saturday, dishing on what she's hoping to see in future episodes of her show -- from her possible wedding dress to some musical numbers.

In season two, fans could see Metz's character, Kate Pearson, tie the knot with boyfriend Toby (Chris Sullivan), and Metz says she's already started thinking about what the dress might look like.

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"Our costumer and seamstress, who I'm dear friends with, we've kind of joked about like, 'What is the dress going to look like?'" Metz said. "But I don't know anything. I have no idea."

"I don't even know if the wedding is going to happen," she added. "Just like every relationship, you take it day by day. So we're gonna see. But I'm excited to see what the dress might look like for sure."

Metz said she's also not sure if Kate is going to have any intimate scenes in the future, but revealed that she wouldn't be opposed to the idea if done well.

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"I think that if it moves the plot, sure," she said, adding that she doesn't want her character used in a "gratuitous" way. "It's like, 'Oh beat us over the head,' you know? 'Ah she's a big girl, let's see her half naked.' We did that in the pilot episode."

"However, an intimate scene would be really interesting, because you haven't seen that," she continued. "Big people, tall people, short people, skinny [people], we all have intimacy with other people, believe it or not, so you know, it might [happen]. I'm up for it. As an actress, it's like, 'Bring it on!'"

Before production starts up again, the show will be going on hiatus, which means Metz has a bit of time on her hands. Aside from a small film project and some stage acting, she said she's also looking to record some music.

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"I haven't really had a day off yet, so we'll see," she mused. "There's all kinds of stuff happening."

Metz isn't the only one who might be getting into the recording studio in the coming months. Co-star Mandy Moore might have her eye set on making some new music as well, which naturally leads to the question of a possible duet with the two leading ladies -- which Metz said would be her "dream come true."

"That would be sooo fun!" she marveled of possibly performing with her onscreen mother. "Everybody keeps asking and I'm like, 'I don't know yet!' So, I mean, come on!"

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