EXCLUSIVE: 'The Magicians' Star Spills on Eliot's Intense Sword Fight -- Watch the Action-Packed Scene!

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Hell hath no fury like a high king scorned!

On tonight's all-new episode of The Magicians, King Eliot is bearing down and gearing up for an epic Fillorian battle -- and only ET has your exclusive sneak peek of the action packed sword fight!

"That was fun!" Star Hale Appleman recently dished to ET of the adrenealine-pumping action scene. "I got two weeks of sword training which is not a lot, but I did what I could with the time that I had."

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"I think I did okay," the actor added modestly. "You learn so much and your body changes because you have to handle it in a totally different way, so I would love to do a lot more of that. I hope that they let me swashbuckler as much as possible."

ET also called up The Magicians' Director of Photography Elie Smolkin to get the exclusive scoop on what it was really like to shoot that epic high king battle scene.

"We have a great locations teams and when you're dealing with that many horses and extras, you have to find a location that looks like you're in the middle of no where, but cant be in the middle of nowhere because we have to get all of the equipment there," Smolkin explained. "So if you had turned 180 degrees away from the battlefield, you would’ve seen highways and a bunch of buildings, but you'd never know and that's what is so cool about it."

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Smolkin added that The Magicians production team used four different cameras to capture the spellbinding battle. "We just shot the crap out of it and tried to get as many angles as possible and let the amazing performers do what they do which is always incredible and hilarious to watch," he said. "Being out there was so cool. It felt like we were really out on the battlefield. It was kind of raining and muddy and it was great, it felt really like we were out there [in Fillory.]"

Appleman echoed Smolkin's awe and confessed that shooting tonight's episode was a dream come true for his younger self. "There was little big of an Inigo Montoya moment [from The Princess Bride] with Eliot and the sword," he teased. "But that's something that happens that I wont spoil for you."

The Magicians
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