EXCLUSIVE: There's a Storm Headed for Cloud 9 in the 'Superstore' Season Finale -- Check Out the Epic Pics!


It’s a superstorm!

Glenn may have spilled the beans about the impending layoffs on Thursday’s Superstore, but that’s not the only threat facing the Cloud 9 employees on next week’s season two finale -- there’s also a tornado coming!

“In one episode, we had a joke about how the building was not tornado-safe, very early on,” Superstore EP Justin Spitzer exclusively tells ET. “And we were saying, 'Wow, wouldn’t it be funny if one day, eventually, we actually just had a tornado come and hit the building?'”


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In next week’s finale, aptly titled “Tornado,” the physical danger of the storm and the impending layoffs send the employees into panic mode as they bicker, form alliances and navigate close quarters when the winds start to wreak havoc on the store and everyone is forced to take cover.


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“I wanted it to be incredibly dramatic from the beginning, and I had this fear that we were gonna have to pull back because we just wouldn’t be able to do a lot of that, production-wise,” Spitzer recalls. “I’m so excited about everything we were able to do, between our special effects, our amazing production and art designers and our VFX team. [We must] have used more VFX in this episode than any comedy in television history.”

Check back next week for more of ET’s exclusive interview with Spitzer. Superstore’s season two finale airs next Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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