'Grey's Anatomy': A Shocking Explosion Leaves One Doctor's Fate in Question -- Is [SPOILER] Gone for Good?

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Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy
just blew the roof off season 13’s penultimate episode.

At the end of Thursday’s episode, titled “True Colors,” Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) found herself in harm’s way with a patient, Keith, whom she wrongly assumed was worried about another victim’s well-being following a horrific car accident. When she realized that he was attempting to rape the female victim, it was already too late.

With Grey Sloan Memorial on lockdown as the docs feverishly searched for Keith, he held Stephanie hostage with a scalpel by the neck, seeking a way out of the hospital without getting caught. His attempt at successfully escaping was all for naught, though, as the lockdown forced him, Stephanie and a young girl, Erin (Darby Camp), to remain stuck in a hospital corridor.

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Though Stephanie's colleagues, stuck elsewhere in the hospital, tried to reassure her that she would be OK, things were actually quite dire. After Keith formulated a plan to start a fire in order to set off the sprinkler system and derail the lockdown, Stephanie ruthlessly poured gasoline all over him, enough for him to be set ablaze.


Stephanie’s plan was paying off, except Keith collapsed in a fiery heap next to several large tanks with ominous-looking stickers on them indicating that they were flammable. It was only a matter of time before Stephanie’s urgent sprint to stop the impending explosion -- after pushing Erin toward safety -- was met with just that: an inevitable explosion so large that it blew the windows out.

It seems almost impossible that Stephanie survived such a violent blast, and with reports surfacing back in January that Hinton would be exiting Grey’s (ABC declined to comment when ET reached out) after the current season, the way Thursday’s episode ended certainly leaves you wondering about her fate.

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Meanwhile, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) spent much of his time following Jo’s estranged (and very dangerous) husband, Dr. Paul Stadler (Matthew Morrison), who was in town to speak at a medical conference.

Though Alex had visions of what he wanted to do (punch Paul to submission, for example) or say (“I know you are and I’m watching you,” “I will find you and I will kill you”), he ultimately passed on the opportunity to share a cab with Paul. But what was that look Paul gave to Alex before the cab pulled away?

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) also had a difficult time in this episode, when news that his sister, Megan (Bridget Regan), was alive and being transferred to Grey Sloan. The guilt Owen felt over believing Megan to be dead for all these years when she was being held captive and tortured ate at him, with Owen tearfully admitting, “I gave up on her.”

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