EXCLUSIVE: Here's Where 'Southern Charm' Stars Landon Clements and Kathryn Dennis' Relationship Stands Today

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Landon Clements isn’t writing off a Kathryn Dennis reconciliation… yet.

The Southern Charm co-stars have never really seen eye-to-eye, with Kathryn repeatedly accusing Landon of trying to move in on her ex, and the father of her children, Thomas Ravenel.

“Something's been happening, of course!” Kathryn told ET in March. “And now, it's just, she's got her moment to move in … I think they're pretty equal, so maybe they found their equals. That's fine, but she'll never be around my children. I know that, and that's from actual factual knowledge that I disagree with, regarding her morals and her lifestyle.”

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For the record, Landon shut down all the romance rumors earlier this month, telling ET that she and Thomas are just friends, and will forever just be friends.

“I love those kids,” Landon shares. “For her to say that I can't be around them because of some sort of character flaw, I took great offense to that.”

“I enjoy being around the children,” she adds. “Thomas has sole custody right now, so it's been no problem seeing them and getting to spend time with them ... Thomas is doing a great job of keeping the family unit together and protecting his babies.”

Landon says, for now, she’s keeping her distance from Kathryn, though fans will see them interact on the cast’s upcoming trip to Key West, Florida. 

“I just really wish her the best,” Landon says, “and hope that in the coming months and years, she can find her way.”

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“I've always been supportive of her,” she notes. “She can say what she wants about me, but that's not how I feel about her. I have two younger sisters and, you know, from the moment I met Kathryn, my sisters and I tried to bring her into our little crew ... I feel like every time I extend the olive branch, it just massively backfires.”

“For right now, I need to concentrate on myself and what's best for me,” Landon continues. “I think everything will fall into place from there.”

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