New 'Will & Grace' Musical Trailer Finds Grace Questioning Her Return to the Show


NBC released the first full-length trailer for the Will & Grace reboot on Monday, and it's a little meta.

The show's stars Debra Messing and Eric McCormack appear to be portraying their beloved characters Grace Adler and Will Truman, but are also aware that they're returning to star on a beloved sitcom. Grace admits that she has her doubts about doing the show for a second time.

Attempting to convince her, Will takes her to the old Will & Grace set, where they find Karen Walker, portrayed by Megan Mullally, asleep on the couch. Jack McFarland, played by Sean Hayes, later bursts through the front door of the set apartment, and they both seem to be confused as Will explains that Grace is questioning doing the show again.

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"What show?" Jack asks. Karen chimes in, "That's what I said. I think he thinks we're doing some kind of a show."

The trailer then turns into a musical, with the foursome performing a number in the "sitcom-sized apartment" in New York City that they "could never afford."

"Everything is as if we never said goodbye," Karen croons.

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Grace's friends manage to convince her to do the show, which leads to a grand finale with all of them singing together. "We've come home at last. And this time we'll be bigger, and brighter than we knew it!" they declare, before calling out another TV show. "This Is Us should be our lead-in. Yes, everything's as if we never said goodbye."

After the musical number, Will quips, "Woo! That was gay."

Will & Grace -- which was on the air from 1998 to 2006 -- will return for an encore 11th season this fall on NBC.

Earlier this month, Messing shared with ET how the show's revival came together. "The four of us had dinner together and were like, 'What do we think?' Ultimately we thought we need to laugh and we need to make people laugh, because this has been a rough year -- and we have a lot to say about it, but we also make you think," she explained. "It's been 11 years and I think the thing that is most exciting is that everybody is coming back."

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