Jennifer Lopez & James Corden Pull Off Childish Dance Moves With Grace in Hilarious New 'Toddlerography'

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Jennifer Lopez is an expert dancer, but that doesn’t mean she can't still learn a thing or two.

The pop superstar joined James Corden for his Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special on Monday, but instead of singing along to her songs in his SUV, Lopez and Corden went to a dance studio to learn some moves from adorable little kids in an all-new installment of "Toddlerography."

"The instructors are nightmares," Corden jokingly warned Lopez as they stood around in their workout clothes. "Don't even look 'em in the eye."

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Following the leads of several adorable little choreographers, the talk show host and the "Ain't Your Mama" singer had to really break a sweat as they were taught dance moves like the "jumping up and down in place," the "running back and forth across the room" and even the difficult-to-master "suddenly falling to the floor in a sitting position and then lifting your leg above your head."

Running around to Lopez's 2011 hit "On the Floor," the stars did their best to mimic the young instructors, but a few routines really threw them for a loop.

What was most impressive about the intense dance session was how, even with the most adorable, silly steps the toddlers came up with, Lopez was still able to make it look like an actual move she might use in a stage show.

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After the hard work was over, they all wound down in an inflatable pool filled with plastic balls -- just like any good workout should end.

Lopez appeared in Corden's Primetime Carpool Karaoke Special last year, where she belted out tunes with the TV host, and even let Corden text Leonardo DiCaprio from her phone. Check out the video below to see Lopez's legendary "Carpool Karaoke" ride.

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