EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Says She Broke the Rules Upon Revealing Her Engagement

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Rachel Lindsay can't help but gush about her recent engagement -- even though she's supposed to be keeping it a secret.

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky interviewed the current Bachelorette for ET on Tuesday, where the two reflected on Lindsay's season premiere, and how she broke the rules by revealing she's engaged before the season started.

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"I am a rule breaker. But, I mean, I am so excited," Lindsay shared. "I cannot stop smiling, and normally I have a good poker face, but not with this. This is new to me. I have never been engaged before and they were like, 'Just say it!'"

As Fedotowsky knows, Bachelor and Bachelorette leads are supposed to keep the outcome of their season a secret until the finale, but Lindsay said this time, the show made a special exception.

"I think [the decision to share the news] was kind of mutual. They are like, 'You know what? Just do it, because I think a lot of people will be more invested to know this worked for her. You know, she so was not a believer. [She was] hopeful, but it actually happened,'" Lindsay explained. "And so I think people will really, like, tap into that."

"I love saying I have a fiance!" she added. "But you won't be able to figure it out. Like, you will see me go along and struggle with it and back and forth and it was a hard decision for me. So I think that the way that I fell in love with him, America will too."

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With 23 men left after Monday's premiere (after 31 guys arrived), it's truly anyone's game. But just a few guys stood out on night one -- including Lucas, aka Whaboom.

"In his defense, I said I wanted to be entertained, and I think the guys got the memo with that. So, you know, everyone had their own interpretation of that and his was in Whaboom-style. But he was interesting," Lindsay said of giving the rose to Lucas. "I gave him points for being different, and so now, I just want to get to know Lucas. You'll get to see how that all plays out."

Bryan snagged a passionate first kiss with Lindsay, who said she wasn't going to smooch anyone on the first night.

"I said, 'You know what? I'm not going to kiss the first night,' and no one tried except for Bryan. And he tried in the most passionate way and I just embraced it," she recalled. "I said, 'You know what? He's bold enough to do it, I'm going to go for it,' and I'm glad I did, because it was a really good kiss."

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Peter also seemed to be off to a good start.

"He walked out of the limo and I said, 'OK.' I mean, he is very, very handsome, and, you know, we had the same smile and he was nervous," Lindsay explained. That's what I appreciated."

Then there was Jonathan, the tickle monster.

"I laughed the hardest the whole night because of Jonathan, because he tickled me! I'm ticklish. So, I mean, it was weird, it was different, but I laughed," Lindsay said. "I was entertained and there's more to Jonathan. I mean, he is a doctor, I know his profession is "Tickle Monster" because he is also that as well, but he's a doctor."

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As for what Lindsay is "guilty" of throughout the rest of the season, she said we'll see her kiss more than one guy during a group date, cry over a decision and even say "I love you" to two different people -- but she "pleads the fifth" on whether or not she'll get intimate in the fantasy suites.

However, it's "the end" that Lindsay said fans should really watch out for.

"Its a journey," she revealed. "Yeah, it's a journey."

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