Netflix Creates Incredible Doctor's Note for Fans Binge-Watching ' House of Cards '


New House of Cards is just what the doctor ordered!

Season five of the Netflix political drama dropped on Tuesday, meaning many of the streaming network's binge-watching fans had to deal with 13 new episodes smack dab in the middle of a work week.

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To help these loyalists out, Netflix tweeted out a hilarious "doctor's note" for those watchers who catch need a good excuse to digest the whole season in one sitting.

"*cough @HouseofCards cough*," Netflix captioned the pic.

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So, if you catch a case of the "Netflu," as the doctor's (or rather, doctored) note calls it, the only proscription is 13 hours of quarantine.

Hey, worth a try!

Watch the video below for more on House of Cards' new season.

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