EXCLUSIVE: Why 'Stranger Things' Team Asked 'Game of Thrones' Producers for Secret-Keeping Tips!


Now we understand why very little is known about season two of Stranger Things.

Ever since Netflix announced more would be coming from the fantasy series following its massively successful first season, fans have been going crazy trying to uncover secrets from the upside down. But when ET caught up with executive producer and director Shawn Levy at the Netflix FYSee Event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, he explained how the cast and crew have been able to keep spoilers tightly under wraps.

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Levy told ET's Leanne Aguilera that "some people watched it and some of them were famous," which "definitely added" pressure to their work on the '80s-inspired cult phenomenon. A few of these A-list binge-watchers included Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, Scream Queens' Emma Roberts and Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson.

"It also added just layers of security protocols," Levy explained. "Like, we had code names for our production, and when you left the set you had to destroy your script pages because someone might go looking in a dumpster."

"Literally one of our producers consulted with the Game of Thrones producers to learn about their security protocols," he continued. "Because suddenly we were just this little show by two twin brothers [The Duffer Brothers] and a film director and we're like, we think it's cool, but we don't know if anyone's going to watch it. And now we're this thing that the world is paying attention to, and so we definitely had to be a little more careful with our, with our creative secrets."

Levy told ET that the Stranger Things team adores GOT, so it wasn't surprising when one of his show's producers reached out to the HBO series for advice.

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"If you're gonna look up to a big brother television show, Game of Thrones is a good one. Maybe there's a dragon in season two, or maybe not," he joked, when asked if they'll also be borrowing a dragon. "Maybe we have things in season two that make the queen of dragons, mother of dragons, our creatures look quaint."

All jokes aside, Levy couldn't be more proud of how successful the series has been thus far, and hopes it will only get better over time. Released last July by Netflix, Stranger Things has already received recognition from the industry, including Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and TV Show of the Year at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

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"It would mean so much [to be nominated for an Emmy]," he explained. "As I said, we made something that we thought was good and that we thought was singular and fresh and unique and the fact that it's been embraced the way it has, has been thrilling. To be even a part of this conversation is already like -- we're over the moon. If we got acknowledged and recognized with the [Emmy] nomination, that would be beyond."

Season two is set to be released on Oct. 31. Hear more on what we do know about what's to come in the video below!