EXCLUSIVE: Bella Thorne and 'Famous in Love' Stars Break Down the Finale Cliffhanger and Talk Season 2

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Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven't watched Tuesday's two-hour season finale of Famous in Love.

Who is Paige Townsen going to choose: her best friend, Jake Salt, or rising Hollywood star Rainer Devon?

On Tuesday's two-hour Famous in Love finale, Paige and Rainer's press conference for their upcoming blockbuster, Locked, gets interrupted when Jake makes his grand gesture. In the climactic final scene, he professes his love for Paige after receiving a voicemail she left him as he's about to leave Los Angeles for good.

"I feel like she doesn't belong with either character," Bella Thorne exclusively told ET's Katie Krause during a Facebook Live chat on Tuesday. "She's so confused and so new to this. Right before [the press conference] scene takes place, she's put in a really uncomfortable position where [Rainer's mom] Nina tells her, 'People like you [and Rainer] together. Stay together for press.' Even though she's not dating Rainer, then she has to look like she's with him, so either way she's losing Jake."

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"She should keep them both mellow and try and figure out her own sh*t and concentrate for a minute, because clearly, she's very lost and doesn't know how to handle these kinds of situations she gets herself into," the 19-year-old actress continued.

A resolution to Jake's profession of love, Rainer's reaction and Paige's decision between her two suitors isn't reached by the end of the episode, leaving fans to wonder if either of them have the upper hand. Though an immediate answer won't be revealed until a hypothetical second season is greenlighted, the cast had their own thoughts.

"As an advocate for Rainer -- and I respect that answer, Bella -- I just think that Rainer and Paige belong together," Carter Jenkins, who plays Rainer, told ET.

"Personal preference, I would choose Rainer just because I've dated somebody who wasn't in the industry and that gets really tricky. At least with Rainer, he gets it -- the paparazzi -- when she sees a photo of them together. He just blows it off, which is what you have to do," Thorne said. "For Paige to kind of find her way through Hollywood, to navigate through the right people, it would be really smart of her to have Rainer by her side because obviously, you can see he truly does care."

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"At the same time, too, her and Jake have that special bond. If you're not dating or married, you have that special bond and that's a whole other strong bond, so it's hard," she added.

Charlie DePew
, who plays Jake, spoke to ET over the phone, and broke down his character's mindset in that final season one moment.

"I don’t think he’s hoping for a good answer, I think he’s expecting a good answer because he got that voicemail from her. So he’s expecting Paige with an overwhelming ‘yes’ or an ‘I love you too,'" DePew said, adding that the public confession of love could also be seen as posturing for prime position with Rainer for Paige's heart.

"I think that gesture was made in a little bit of a standoff position. [Jake] wanted to intimidate Rainer a little bit because throughout the season, he never had a confrontation with Rainer other than in the second episode before they go to that first big [Locked] party," he explained. "Rainer views him as no competition and I think Jake clocks that. Jake making this move, it was a confrontation. It was two bulls meeting in the same ring over one girl. I’m very interested to see where it goes if we get that second season."

Jenkins affirmed his pro-Rainer and Paige stance, telling ET in a separate phone interview that he hopes they prevail in the end.

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"I read all those scripts and I'm aware of [Paige and Jake's] relationship, but I don't even think Rainer even knew about it: 'Oh yeah, that's your friend right? What's he doing talking to everyone in our press conference?' I think he's confused and he's shook," the 25-year-old actor said of the final scene.

"I would hope that they're stronger than whatever obstacles are in their path, but who knows what they're going to do?" Jenkins continued. "But I know that it's a connection that I think would work. They make each other better and that's what a good relationship is in my experience, not two perfect people but two flawed people who make each other better."

As for hopes that a second season may come, Thorne urged fans to keep the conversation alive on social media, saying "of course" she'd want to continue telling this story.

"There's so much growing room for our characters to do, definitely," she said. "Keep tweeting it, keep supporting it to the very end. That always gets the writers and the network super excited. The more we get hyped about Famous in Love, the more Famous in Love you will see."

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